Saturday, March 19, 2016

Seen on Our Walks

The dogs and I see lots of interesting things on our walks these days. 

We are having an odd late winter... warm for a couple of days, then 
cold again.  The animals don't know what to do. 

This baby snake was sunning itself on the walk at Angel Falls this week. 
There is a huge creek on one side... Well, wide ravine, but the creek is 
also wide is some places... and across from where the little guy was, is a 
big culvert with a lot of rip-rap.  Perfect snake haven! 

I do not think it is a baby copperhead. 

Gosh this was sad.  
It was a baby squirrel Jester found this morning at the park. 
You see... there have been LOTS of days with really strong winds lately. 

It was at the foot of this tree, and as you see, the nest was totally broken up and 
barely hanging onto a branch.  Poor little squirrel. 
Lilly picked it up and carried for a while, but then dropped it. 

We saw these on the way to the park this morning.  Our day has gone from clouds, to sun, and back to clouds, and I just drove through a burst of snow when I came home from the store. 
It's cold and windy.  

I'll go back by this house tomorrow when I go to church and see if I can get better pictures of the lambs. 

They don't last long, but they are so pretty! 
They are peppering the (uncut) front yard today. 

This is the hawk nest I watched last year, and this year, I have the big lens. 
Look square in the middle of the nest.  

I did not have the long lens this morning, but I'll go back by with it this week. 
I don't like to carry it when I have Jester in the front with me. 

I'll be watching her regularly, now. 

Almost got the perfect heart shape with their beaks/necks. 

And then the moment passed!

Have a great weekend, everyone. 


  1. WE surely HOPE that isn't a Baby CHOPPER HEAD CHOPPER HEADS are Dangerous... beclaws it has a VERY pointy tail.... it probably was NOT.

  2. I see the heart.

    What a wonderful variety.

  3. So much wildlife. Glad we don't seen snakes on our walks and that we don't have any dangerous ones in our area.

  4. OMD, those are some FABulous thingies you found...though I would steer clear of that least Ma says so, pawsonally, I would play with it..BOL!
    Poor baby tree's so much betters if they live so we can chase them. sorry poor baby....
    The geese are active around here too! they leave very cool 'treats' behind....☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. Hope you are having a good weekend! It's quite chilly here this morning for the first day of Spring. But there are daffodils blooming.

  6. Love the geese pictures! You have blossoms! We don't have any yet. It was beautiful this weekend but it is supposed to turn cold with rain and snow
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. I saw a huge snake in the road coming home the other day. The river was way over the bank and the low spots were full of water.

    I see the head int he nest. Cool pic Mary Ann.

    We had a hard freeze this morning. . . .


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