Saturday, March 5, 2016


First, thanks for all your prayers and good wishes about 
Lilly Ann.  She will be 10 this July, and we have had her since a 
small puppy.  She was feral, she, her mom and her sister 
were all captured and brought to the Leavenworth Animal Shelter, 
from where we adopted her. 

We can tell her eye hurts, she has been rubbing it.  We are 
putting drops in twice a day.  I did not take pictures, but 
we walked today, and enjoyed it, though she rested as soon 
as we got home. 

No limping, just slow walking. 

So, Thursday, Friend Jill and I had lunch, and 
took our cameras to take pictures.  (She was off work). 
We tried one big park, but could not really find anything to 
focus on, so decided to hop on the highway and go 
back to the park where I have been going. 

I played around a lot, and we saw the 
eagle in the distance, but he stayed in the distance. 

I have been trying to get pictures of kildeer, this is as close as I could get! 

I'll try again next week. 

Since it's mating season, there is still a lot of shrieking going on. 

Out of about 100 pictures taken, I kept about ten. 
I am learning, though... I am learning what lighting to use and what not to use, so this is helpful. 

I got a few good ones. 

Yesterday morning, I went as I dropped Lilly off, to see how the light was. 

Yes, the gulls were present.  I went on home after 20 minutes or so. 

Since we moved here two years ago, I have had no curtains.  I do not like just 
blinds on the windows, especially when they are the old white wide blinds.  (Saving for shades). 
I am a dufus, too, when it comes to hanging rods. 
So, my sister in law came over yesterday and I would say helped me, but 
she did most of the work, and was very painstaking. 

I don't know if the tropical curtains will always be there BUT... 
I am so glad to see them. 

Thank you, Mary Beth. 

This morning in the sun: 

Oh, yes. 

So happy. 

Guess where I went today? 

I do not talk politics on this blog, ever.  I don't think it has a place. 

However...I think it's important that we are aware of our responsibilities as 

Yes, I voted in the Republican Caucus, and not for the Donald, I will go so far as to say that. 

It was thrilling to see the process at work, and I am thankful to all the volunteers who handled the crowds today.  From seeing the news, Leavenworth was not the only place that had good crowds. 
Way to go, fellow Americans! 

Dust, everywhere. 

We need rain. 

The little pond on the way to church this afternoon... mass starts at 4. 

The Archbishop surprised us with a visit. 

So glad I was in jeans. 


Everyone have a safe Saturday night, and wonderful Sunday. 


  1. Your pictures are always amazing! And yay for caucusing! I'm keeping a close eye on the republican side of things this year and rooting for someone with humanistic values to win. I hope you get your guy!

  2. The photos of the geese are stunning; you are getting the hand of it for sure. I agree that politics don't belong in my blog; it isn't part of the focus and it's a private thing. Voting (or caucusing) is a good thing though. (And I'm glad you aren't for Trump). It sounds like Lil is doing well; she has such a sweet face.

  3. Our voting turn out was heavy too. If nothing else, Trump has stirred the pot.

    I always love the thrill of seeing a kildeer.

    Glad you are all able to enjoy a walk.

  4. Wow,,, those geese are beautiful! Glad you got your curtains and some help!

  5. Looks like you had a great day and really got some good pictures too. Voting is a privilege and we should all take advantage of it. Good for you !

  6. I think how we vote is private, but that we should remind others that they have the duty to participate in the process. In Canada we don't have caucusing but do vote for elections.
    I was thinking about your blog this morning when I was outside with the dogs and realized for the first time in months (thank you winter) I could hear birds. It made me smile!

  7. Whoa, you have that much dust? YIKES! Yes, we believe everyone should vote too (as long as it is an educated vote). You did get some good shots! And mom wears jeans (or shorts) to church no matter who visits BOL!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Beautiful shot of the goose on the water. Even professional photographers take thousands of shots for those few "money shots;" that's just part of the process. As for politics, my blog-post-in-progress ends with a comment. I will just say here that I believe we have witnessed the death of decency. :-(

  9. We vote tomorrow. We have blinds and they get sooooooooooo dusty. Need to take them down again and wash them. They would probably be cleaner if I put curtains behind them.


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