Monday, March 14, 2016

Out and About

I stopped to take a picture at the bluffs on Saturday on my way to church... and didn't see what was in the creek until I got home. 

There it is lightened up a little. 
See the geese just to the left of the protruding bluff? 

First time I have seen geese on Stranger Creek. 

I have not seen this guy for a while. 

His friend. 

They had a horse friend, I did not see him. 

It was REALLY foggy this morning.  I stopped at the little pond on my way to Lenten adoration to take a few pictures. 

This is what the roads looked like.  I went pretty slowly. 

The day was alive with birdsong... alive! 
We also have hundreds of frogs in our little pond in the rear of our yard. 

I tried to get pictures of them, but of course, the chorus stopped as soon as I got out there. 

I saw this meadowlark on the line near our deck. 

It's song was beautiful. 

Our Bartlett pears are blooming in the front yard.  Last year, we had so much 
rain that only one tree bloomed partially... now, all four are putting on a show! 
Spring is almost here! 


  1. It is so nice to hear the birds sing again.
    Had the backdoor open for fresh air today.

    M :)

  2. My favorite creek...I notice the moss is growing.

  3. They are all wooley boogers! Our's are too.

    Good pics Mary Ann. Glad you are out enjoying your camera.

  4. that first picture is just beautiful, we are glad spring is on its way...stella rose

  5. The Bartlett pear trees around here have bloomed in all their glory. I've seen redbuds and magnolias, too. I just love spring!

    My winter coat is over a dining table chair and my boots are still where they were the last time I took them off. We had another blast of winter when I put them away earlier so they are staying right where they are ;-)

  6. Love the horses. We found out our neighbour's horses are being sold as the land they live on has been sold. We will miss them.

  7. Your fog is pretty in its own way,,
    The meodowlark is sooo beautiful!

  8. Mary Ann, thank you for your comment on my blog. You asked about sending a donation to help with the water filters in Haiti. The best way would be to send it through our foundation office. on our website,, there is a link on the menu at the top that says "Your Gift." Click on that & it will take you to the donation page. There you are given several areas to choose from. Click on "Other" & type in Haiti. Or, it you prefer, you can send it to me--I work right down the hall from the foundation office! Sr. Ann Marie Slavin, Our Lady of Angels Convent, 609 S. Convent Rd., Aston, PA 19014. I'll see that they get it and can explain about designating it for the water filters. Thank you for your concern and interest!


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