Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Frogs and Gardening

Before I talk about frogs or gardening, I have a comment to make. 

I had to run to Walmart yesterday for suet, and for some 
diabetic supplies. 

Here is what I came upon: 

Folks... these were Easter Candies (and baskets, at the far end of picture one). 

There were two more tables set up in the long aisle similar to the one in 
picture one.  

I'm sorry, but to me, Easter is the most important religious holiday there is. 

We always colored Easter eggs, and we always got baskets, but 
they had some candy in them, no toys.  We liked eating the hard-boiled eggs just as 

There is such a mind-boggling array of candy, I wouldn't even 
know where to start. 

We have 11 grands, but we are seeing only two of them before 
Easter, so we are making only two baskets this year.  I can guarantee 
they are not getting the full array you see here. 

Off my soap box now. 

These are coming up in the begonia pot inside.  Yippee! 

These are the garden plants I transplanted from the old house last summer.  Everything is thriving... but... I need to edge that bed pretty quickly. 

This morning, the dogs and I walked early, in the brisk air.  The Bartlett pears don't give a long show, but it is beautiful while it's here! 

Look who we ran into on the way home from walking! 

Here is the funny thing... these are ALL BOYS.  


Please click on one of the pictures to make it bigger so you can see how beautiful the colors are. 

I am going to try to upload a short movie of the frogs singing in the wet area in our back yard. 
They are loud, and I can hear them at night and all day long. 

Hope you enjoyed our spring chorus! 


  1. Those guys better be hiding here in MS. It's turkey season and we've been seeing the hunters out in the early AM at the stores and when we ate breakfast out this past weekend.

    ARG, I can't stand to walk past all that candy. I'm not suppose to eat it, but I will. And the temptation is too much with that staring you in the face. Easter just like Christmas has just become about sales, business and not the true meaning.

  2. WE can't believe all the CANDY and Stuffs fur Easter, either... it is as big as Trick or TREAT.

    Love seeing all the flowers start to recover from their Winter Rest.

  3. We are hearing the spring frogs also from the ditches singing...yes all that candy and toys, with 10 grands my mom does not do baskets anymore............way to much. stella rose

  4. We have a few months before we will hear the frogs. As an adult, I don't celebrate Easter, but as a child we always got a little candy, a new outfit, and outdoor toys like a new skipping rope. It was very small. Like all holidays, Easter has gotten out of hand with the consumerism.

  5. Easter candy aisle is the best
    Lily & Edward

  6. I'm with you on the Easter stuff. When I was a kid, it was hard boiled eggs and a chocolate Easter bunny. I did the same with my kids.

  7. My ears are blocked due to the lingering cold I've had so cannot hear the chorus, but it is normally a thing I'd love. I have double the grands and will be seeing most of mine at Easter, but they won't be getting anything like that array for Easter either. I've started giving out a special chocolate bar to each now. All but the baby enjoy them. It's the family gathering to celebrate Easter and the egg hunt for the little ones that like most of all.

  8. The frogs voices are beautiful,,, but you know what? Our frogs dont sound like yours!


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