Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Bird Pictures, Sorry

I know you're getting sick of them, so am I, sort of.  

I took the long lens today. 

Wait, those aren't birds! 

Nor this. 

Or this. 

Love the colors on this little guy. 

Two white rear socks, a white blaze and chest. 

The long lens makes a difference, doesn't it? 

See Mama right in the middle? 

Dad was not happy - and was blurry, too! 

Black animals and black birds are VERY hard to 
get in pictures. 

I was lucky with this crow, right down the road from the nest. 

He landed and went about his business.  Over his head, I saw that the elk cows were 
up against the fence, and I could have gotten their pictures, but the dogs and I were tired. 

Keith called me to the deck to see the rising moon... glorious. 

As the sun was setting to the west. 

I went out to see it again after it got dark... see Jupiter shining to the left of it! 

What a beautiful world we have to be able to see things like this. 

Sad news from Belgium this morning, but I believe people are 
mostly good, if treated right. 


  1. Beautiful photos! Your camera can really capture some fantastic shots!
    Love the moon

  2. Great pics!

    The radio said a comet would be visible around 9:30 am yesterday, but I forgot and missed it. And there was suppose to be a lunar shadow this am. It was too cloudy to see that.

    very sad about Belgium. Evil people is all I can say.

  3. I always enjoy your pictures. You have a good eye and what would spring be without baby calves and sheep and nesting birds.

  4. I enjoy seeing birds not found here, have learned about leucism, so don't stop taking their pics or any others and sharing. Lambs are adorable too! Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


  5. You got some good shots! That long lens did a great job on that nest! Happy National Puppy Day!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley


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