Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shopping Local and More Cold

Yesterday, I told you about eating at the new 
little cafeteria in Basehor, with my cousins. 

Here it is: 

Oh, wait... that's the counter and our charming waitress and 
the owner. 

It's small, but the food is good! 

Perky's!  It even has a cute name! 

Keith and I always like to shop or eat locally, if we can, so, 
after breakfast, we made another trip to Bonner Springs. 

Here's Marty Stubbs from Valley Feed in Bonner, where I have 
bought my feed for almost 20 years now, 10 at the old place, and 
before that, at the first Calamity Acres. They mix their own livestock
feeds, and I highly recommend them.  Marty is also a serious bird 
lover, so she carries lots of different blends for feeding the wildings. She also 
carries locally produced honey, soaps, and gift items. 

Here's Kyle and Ringo, the shop dog.  Kyle can help you with just about anything, and she is a talented artist, as well... she does all the chalkboards there. 

It's a pleasure to shop somewhere where the people do everything 
they can to help you. 

And the big smile says it all! 

It wasn't all eating and visiting today. 

We walked... since the weather is falling tonight, we walked while it was still 30 out. 

Keith got there just as we were completing our first round around the old park, he got the idea 
while he was doing an errand, and called me... I told him we were already at the park. 
Great minds think alike! 

Mouse tracks! 

And mentioning mice... I have killed so many with the Tomcat traps that 
I am taking a break tonight, I can't deal with any dead bodies tomorrow morning, and yes, I know 
I'm a wimp. 

She was RARING to go, I mean RARING. 

I hope they got it out of their systems today, because we are not going out 
on the ice tomorrow. 

When we got home, I went downstairs to put more seed out... 
and while I was spreading it, I noticed this: 

Yes, there was quite a gathering. 

I couldn't think why they weren't coming right down... I had stepped inside the door to 
try to get a few pictures... when all of the sudden, the Coopers hawk flew right through the yard and into the tree in front of our neighbor's yard. 

No wonder they were waiting! 

He didn't stay long, and then everyone came down to eat. 

Tomorrow they will have a good mix of fresh seeds. 

Jes was NOT interested in walking the second time today.  He came though, because he's a good little sport.  He had literally almost fallen asleep as we waited for Keith in the warm car. 

Any of you in the path of the storm bearing down on the East coast, we're praying for your safety and well-being! 


  1. Enjoy the photos and story. Love the gathering of birds there :)

  2. I would love visiting those places.

    The most surprising place I ever ate was a house in the middle of a bedroom community. I was doing postal inspections. I didn't know the area except I was on a route. There was a house with a sign. They had several big dishes lined up with a few tables. Just like eating at Grandma's...except they charged. It was a minimal amount and the food was great.

  3. Thats a neat place where you ate,, and the store with all the bird seeds!! How wonderful.
    See,, I told you that you would have birds to feed at your new house!! Yay!
    Now for the mice to get gone,, and no more coming in!
    How is Jester liking his coat?

  4. That storm looks like it's going to be really bad. I don't think it's going to affect much of Mississippi. But, they always say there is a chance of snow in North Mississippi.

    Jes looks so cute in the car seat.

    I'm with you Mary Ann. We like to eat and shop local too. The hubby goes to the local auto store because of that, not the chain store. And we have a few good restaurants that we eat at. We did quit eating at one in a town over because it changed hands and the new owner is a jerk. His loss. Cause we ate there usually once a week and sometimes twice if we were in that town.

  5. Glad you had a great day to be out and about. Got to take advantage of the weather while you can. The storm is to the east and south of us and all we got yesterday was some light flurries. The sun is just beginning to come up as I'm typing this here and the sky is red out there. I didn't think we had any bad weather coming our way, but they say red sky in the morning, take warning...Hope you keep safe and warm there.

  6. Love small eating places where people seem to know one aother! When you talked about emptying mouse traps--reminded me of at dream I had two nights ago. I was at some type of camp with young children who were excited (happily so) because they were waiting to watch mice coming in and out of a whole in the wall of a cabin. I was supposed to be watching the children but I was petrified because I'm terrified of mice. A bit of a nightmare!

  7. You got some great shots on your walkie. Do you want us to send you some more snow?

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley


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