Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Back to the Cold For a Day

BRRRRR it's cold out there! 

Too cold for us to walk today. 

Yesterday, Hailey and Zaphod asked us 
"When is it too cold for us"

Lilly and I could walk in just about anything... except, she will be 
ten this year and is slowing down a little. 

Little Jester, however, 
is another question. 

(Jester's first Instagram photo) 

With his short coat, he is more prone to feeling the cold 
more when the weather is bad. 

I have ordered a nice coat for him, and it should be here later this week. 

So... the temp today is 25, with a wind chill factor bringing it down 
to 15.  Too cold for Jes. 

The sun is shining, and we DO warm up from the walking... but, 
I think it's just too cold for us. 

The next three days will be much better, temps are going up to the forties 
again before they drop to the teens. 

Look who came by this morning, early: 

(It was windy) 

I ran downstairs to see if I could get better pictures. 

(It saw me moving, I think) 

And it took off. 

I had to go to the post for my bi-annual mammogram this morning, 
and saw this one on my way back. 

That's a redtail, the other was the Cooper's hawk that has been 
coming here regularly. 

Back up to the picture of Jester on top.... that was done with 
Superphoto, which I downloaded to my phone.  (Android).  I did not 
pay for the full program, because I read some of the reviews and there 
are still bugs with it. 

So, I took a look online to see what some of the most recommended 
programs were... and Instagram was one of the most recommended.  I have not 
looked at it closely yet, but it appears to have lots of editing capabilities. 

Our little Christmas tree is now downstairs in storage... it has been stripped for several weeks. 
I left the one in the bedroom, it's such a nice tree and looks beautiful in there at night when I remember to turn it on.  

I did buy a few Christmas decorations on HUGE discount this morning, including a 
package of red and gold plastic bulbs.  Next year, red and gold is going to be the "theme" for the 
living room... the little tree will have our regular family decorations in the bedroom, 
the skinny prim tree in the bedroom will move to the tv rooms, and 
the bigger tree that we did not use this year will have red and gold. 

The mantel will have all red and gold, and I hope to have lights working on it. 

I am going to run downstairs and clean the windows down there, 
in case the hawk comes back tomorrow! 


  1. I love that picture of Jes. It is perfect. We cannot believe you are decorating for next year, my mom still has boxes in her hallway waiting on strong grandboys to come over and take them upstairs...she may have to bribe them with cookies.
    stella rose

  2. I have trouble taking through my windows and screens.

    Stay warm.

  3. We can see how 15 would be chilly. We are still ok at that. It is below -4 that gets us (that is -20 C).
    Stay warm!

  4. I hope that coat for Jester comes soon!
    Isnt it fun the different thing to do with photos?
    We do not even know what Instagram is. Guess we do not need it,

  5. I've seen that "magic ball" photo treatment before; it's really cool! And I need to clean my windows for better photos, too.

  6. Nice you are planning your decorations for next year thanks to that sale you found. I'm still working on putting things away cleaning as I go. It's been slow here though as I haven't felt well. Have a cold that won't quit. I always felt bad for my dogs when it got so cold. I put some little sweaters on them, but it was their feet I felt so bad about. They'd come in with ice balls between their toes. No helping that. Still they loved their walks. Don't do that anymore as it's been several years without a pet of any kind here now. Keep warm !

  7. Your visitor is beautiful.

    Oh yes, the best time to buy Christmas when it's marked way down.

    Jester will love his new coat.

  8. Brrrr...sometimes it's just too cold to be outside! Stay warm, and enjoy the few days of warmer weather! :)


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