Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Get It Started

A new week... the possibilities are endless! 

Our beautiful Lilly on the deck yesterday, even though it was really cold. 

Love how she puts her paws up on the bottom rung of the 
deck railing, and stayed like that for about ten minutes. 

I have been putting the game camera out for the last few days, because 
it was just too cold to walk.  

We have lots and lots of doves visiting us right now. 

I set the camera to video yesterday... and when I 
brought it in I realized the camera had been UPSIDE DOWN. 

Yes, I got videos. 

Can't share them with you. 

So, I tried again today. 

The thing I love about this video is that the three 
little sparrows are bathing as well as drinking in the water bowl. 

That tells me that despite the chill, they still want to bathe, so 
tomorrow I'll put out a shallow dish with warmed water, and then re-warm 
it during the day, as we are plunging again for one day, then 
warming to the 40's. 

We had a northern flicker and a red headed woodpecker in the mix, 
but they moved in and out fast.  We also had goldfinches, cardinals, and 
blue jays, as well as juncoes and chickadees. 

This afternoon, Keith and I and the dogs went to the park again.  The dogs 
were raring to go after being in the house all weekend except for 
short potty breaks. 

While they pulled me around the big track, Keith made his solitary walk around the 
old park track, and then rested, waiting for us.  It's so good to see him out walking again, despite the cold wind. 

We saw this lone doe in the field where I had seen the 15 deer on Saturday. 

Our day ended with a spectacular sunset. 

Is anyone watching the last season of Downton Abbey? 
I'm having to grit my teeth at Lady Mary and Lady 


  1. What a sky. The Creator is a wonderful artist.

    I try to keep fresh water out but it kept icing today. The birds also love my dog feed pans!

    So glad Keith was able to walk again. Building up his strength. Fresh air is always good.

  2. It's a very cold week here. We are lucky to see 20 degrees for a high. We also have a sheet of ice under the snow due to the fact that it was very warm in the 40's here when the snow started on Sunday and then dropped way down and everything froze and it snowed on top of it all and more came overnight. I love your brilliant sunset picture. Takes your breath away! I watch Downton Abby and Mary and Edith are the worst of sisters.

  3. Amazing sunset Mary Ann. That is a terrific video. Wow, lots of birds. You are such a sweet lady to care for the birds the way you do.

  4. Yes, we are watching Downton at our house! We are crossing our paws for Anna and Bates! We have Flickers at our house. We have an old tree branch that dad drilled out holes and puts in suet. They love it!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. My moms sister loves that show........could you come over and walk us also, our parents are lazy. stella rose

  6. Wow the sunset is beautiful! And the doves are gorgeous.!
    You had blue sky!


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