Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lots of Birds Day


This might be why we are having a mouse problem. 

By next winter, I'm going to figure this out.  You see, in the country, 
we fed far from the porch. 

As soon as it gets a little warmer, I'm going to get Jacob over here, and 
re-do this whole patio. 

I went to church this afternoon with all the other "old folks"... it was 37 degrees when I went in, and the dogs and I had had a good walk. 

When I came out, it dropped to 27 in less than 30 minutes.  

This beautiful redtail was very, very low over our driveway when the dogs and I got back. 

I was able to get many good pictures of him, and yes, he appeared to be watching the patio, the same as the Cooper's hawk does. 

These sparrows were in one of the Bradford pears in our front yard. 
The little birds often wait there for bigger birds to leave the feeding area.  

Notice anything special? 


I could see the moon as we drove home from the park... I did not see the plane until I got home and uploaded the picture! 

I came up 175th and thought I saw a bird on a fence.

I did! 

But he took off! 

It was getting dark on my way home from church. 

There was more light than the last two weeks, though! 

These girls were in the field where I saw the 15 last week.  So... I kept looking. 

These three were farther back in the field. 

And the girls in front started back towards them as I was leaving. 

This hawk flew into a tree over the little pond as I drove away. 

I have been under the weather for a couple of days, so have not blogged much. 
I'll try to get caught up! 


  1. Beautiful pictures as always. Yes, the mice might be attracted to the bird seed there. Keeping feeders away from the house is a good idea but it's such fun to watch the birds that many of us have them close to the house. These days I just put out suet cakes.

  2. I am really enjoying it being a little lighter in the evening. Currently I come home from work in the dark.

  3. If you could just tell that hawk about the mice...

  4. The Red Tail is so beautiful. Love the other birds too!
    Thats a lot of seeds!! The mice are probably running away with handfuls!

  5. What a lovely evening and beautiful pictures!

  6. I hope you are much better by now. Great pics Mary Ann.


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