Friday, January 8, 2016

Here Comes Winter

As I type this, it is still 36 degrees out. 

By tomorrow, it will be 20 or less, and down to 
zero overnight.  Ditto for Sunday. 


 Look who walked with us today! 

That was taken in the front yard as we got home, because I 
forgot to take one at the park. 

Keith is not able to walk as fast as the dogs and I, but gosh, 
he made it around the park behind us, and I was so proud of him. 
He has not been in good enough health to walk for months. 
Now the cold will prevent us over the weekend, but we plan 
on walking each day next week. 

This guy LOVES walking.  (Don't worry, they are on leashes at the park)

We took Keith the long way, in fact, he asked why we were turning west as we left our 
block, and I told him we had to have photo ops! 

Sure enough, the little pond had thawed enough that there was a small flock of 
mallards on it, and two geese. 

They didn't hang around long when we stopped on the way home. 

So, I told Keith I was going to take a couple of pictures of the field where I saw 
the deer a few days ago... 

We could not see anything with our bare eyes ...

Can you see them?  I had to fiddle with the picture, of course, because they 
were far away.  See how their coloring camoflages them? 

There are 3 in the picture. 

Pictures will be few and far between over the next few days, I'm afraid, 
with the cold air settling in! 


  1. 54 here today. Supposed to be down to 17 tomorrow night. BAH! HUMBUG!

  2. Keith's looking good! The weather, not so much :(

  3. So wonderful to hear that Keith is able to get out and about with you! Try to stay warm.

  4. It is so wonderful to see Keith out and about. His smile says it all.

    Stay warm.

  5. Good to see your Keith is doing so well. You are so fortunate to have a place to walk and have those photo ops. Yes, stay in and keep warm and safe with the cold coming your way. Rain here today they say! I'll be in for sure.

  6. Stay warm! It is going up to 40 here today, when it should be close to 10 this time of year.

  7. So glad to hear that Keith was able to get out and about a bit!
    I guess it is time for this weather, we have been pretty lucky so far.

    M : )

  8. Keith looks great with that big smile on his face! We've been so fortunate here with good weather that will mean lower electric bills but I hear that's going to change this next week for us.

    A blessed 2016 to you, Mary Ann!

  9. Its so wonderful that Keith was able to go walk with all of you,, and get some of that nice fresh air! Beautiful photos!

  10. Wonderful that your dad took you for a walkie! We know all about those grey days and cold weather! Mom says if we can make it through February then we are home free in our March to spring. We don't know why she is whining about it cuz me and Stanley love this weather! We went running yesterday and I saw a duck but mom wouldn't let me chase it. Do you dogs get to chase ducks?

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Good to heat that you all are successfully walking! It sure helps the body cope. Why would you quit walking? It's not cold at 54F. We still walk at -30F and enjoy the snow. We have to keep the camera under the coat though, otherwise causes the battery to freeze! Pass some of that warm air up our ways, would you?

  12. Yay! Glad to see Keith made it out with you on your walk.


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