Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back Out in the Sun

We decided to go to Angel Falls today, because we had not been there 
since it had rained and snowed. 

It was so shady when we got there, but I do have a little video taken 
with the small camera so you can hear the rush of the water

Here it is on the other side, rushing on it's way north, believe it or not. 

I am going to see if I can find out where this creek originates. 

It has a lot of water in it for January. 

We ran into another dog-walker, and Lilly, for the first time, did not go into a paroxysom of 
barking.  We made a wide berth when we saw them, they were coming out and we were going in... but 
on the way back, we came dead on.  The gentleman walked his boxer off the path, and waited for us to go by, but there was no barking and pulling by Lill.  That is the main thing that keeps us from Angel Falls.  

Jester does not look thrilled, but they were glad to be out. 
More importantly, they were glad to be with us. 

The walking is so good for all of us. 

Someday I may realize how to position people for light in the picture. 

I guess we wore Jes out. 

This is a short video taken with the small camera at Angel Falls today... 
turn it up so you can hear the water rushing!  

It looks a little dull at the first, but it sharpens. 


  1. Very beautiful little video. All the photos are gorgeous. Its sooooo cold!

  2. Walking is good for you ! Nice to see the sun shining there. Here it never got up to 20 yesterday, but ventured out to Walmart for a few things and that's how I got my exercise. No walking outdoors, BrrrChill. I

  3. It's cold here, but not that cold.

    Glad to see y'all getting out and exercising.

    The dogs look great.

  4. We wish we could have gone on that walkie with yous. We would love the water cuz everything here is frozen solid. We must have troubles cuz we still can't see the video.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We looked for you right over by those rocks, with the water on them, but we must have missed rose

  6. That sunshine looks good! There is a wildly beautiful wildlife sanctuary park near us but we cannot take our dachshunds as they go nuts when other dogs come in sight.

    I can't find the video, Mary Ann?

  7. The sun feels so good after the rain or snow
    Lily & Edward


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