Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friday to Saturday

Something happened today that reminded me how much 
I miss my animals from the country house. 

A friend who lost her husband very suddenly this last fall, 
a fellow blogger... is having to place their farm for sale, 
and has already started rehoming her beloved animals. 

I have had to do it twice, at the first Calamity
Acres, and again, two years ago when we moved here to 
this suburban house. 

It is so hard, especially if you have invested hours and 
many dollars in making those animals comfortable, happy and healthy. 

She is facing it with bravery, and I admire her.  It's hard. 
Donna Adams Madigan, I'm thinking of you and praying for you. 

It also reminded Keith and me that we need to prepare better for 
"that day"... so that our kids are not left having to pick up the 
pieces.  We have wills and powers of attorney, but 
we need to make plans for funerals and to make a list 
for each of us for those who should be notified.  At least 
with email, etc. it is easier now. 

Now, onto something happier for the evening post. 

This was in the window of Sonic when the kids and I stopped there this afternoon before walking the dogs.  I had Paiton and Jax for a few hours because their parents had to attend another funeral, the second in two weeks.  They are at that age, sadly... in their late forties... that relatives begin to leave us. 

Only in Leavenworth County... 4H and Feeder Pigs for Sale posted at Sonic. 

Holy Field Winery is also a local winery close to this Sonic who has 
wine tastings all summer long with WONDERFUL bands, outside, on Friday nights. 

Yesterday was gorgeous, 61 degrees! 

We are still doing only one loop at the park, until Lilly is all better. 

The squirrels were everywhere. 

On our way home, our friend was sitting on his pole on Leavenworth road. 

Looking at this bird, that I thought was a Coopers, I am now not so sure. 

Friend Jill???? A red-shouldered hawk, maybe?  Way too big for a Coopers, I think. 

Paiton did a GREAT job holding onto Lilly for me, so I could carry the camera. 
Alas, there were so many families enjoying the 60 degree weather, that no squirrels were 
out in the open. 

The dogs are always glad to see the kids, Jester lived with them for a year before coming to us. 

After we walked, Lilly and Jester and I sat down on a picnic table and watched the kids play on the play equipment for a while. 

After we took the dogs home... we went to Michaels Craft Store for a few things. 

We did some modeling of the St. Patrick's day finery. 

I actually think the hat looks great on Jax! 

Keith and I are going to try to make a short trip to 
a close place to take some pictures tomorrow afternoon... we hope you will 
like them! 

We have also battened down the hatches, we have a potential for 10 inches of snow this week! 


  1. I am sorry to hear about Donna, I have been thinking of her. That must be so hard.

    I hope the snowstorm doesn't happen. I know i still haven't recovered from last year, i hope the winter continues to be mild.

  2. Wow; that looks like a Golden Eagle! Could it be?

  3. Looking ahead at that time when my stepson has to deal with our "stuff" is one reason we're trying to thin it down now. We hope to outlive our little pooch, because I don't think she'd fare well with anyone else.

  4. Hopefully the weather will hold for you. 10 inches of snow isn't good. It's been quite up and down here temp wise but no snow. It was a relatively calm January.

  5. What a beautiful day! I can't believe the warm temperatures you all are having!

  6. It would be hard to rehome all the animals. 61 degrees? Seriously? Oh, we cannot let mom see this!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Yes, its hard to all of a sudden be hit with decisions that need to be made,,, and to rehome animals. We have had to do it too,, with our donkeys.
    Beautiful photos!

  8. I hate hearing that about Donna. I know how much she loves all her animals.

    Paiton and Jax are as cute as ever.

    Hope you DO NOT get all that snow.

  9. Your a great grandma I know the kids had so much fun with you. they did a good job a helping walk the dogs.
    stella rose

  10. Reading this a day late and do believe by the radar on TWC that you ARE getting rain. Guess I've been to too many funerals lately too (first cousins)...I actually drafted our obituaries so the kids wouldn't have to go searching for names, etc. and listed songs they might consider, etc. I told my sister the other day there isn't going to be anyone left to go to my funeral.


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