Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hump Day

Yes, it was dreary, dreary... but we walked. 

It rained early on... in fact, was icy early on, but 
by this afternoon... we walked! 

You are looking at the face of the brave little Boston, 

I'm so proud of him! 

This is what we saw at the end of the street, when we came to the stop sign.  There is a huge corn field across from our street. 

It was full of hundreds of geese. 

Here they are going home tonight! 

Everybody looked cold and miserable. 

A man in a truck had been sitting watching them as I came up the road... at least, I could tell he was 
watching something... and then I saw them. 

They are still rattled from deer season, which has just ended... you see the doe on the right trotting, and they all started moving, so I left, so they could eat. 

I am going to add something here that was posted on Facebook today. 

The lady who wrote this is losing her corgi, and tomorrow will be the day 
that they let him go. 

It brought me to tears, and I think it is a wonderful 
piece about a beloved pet, written from the pet's point of view. 

I know I'm anthromorphasizing, but I hope our pets feel 
like this. 

I just read it again, and it brought tears again. 


Dearest friends,
This is Rocky, and this is the hardest post I've ever had to write. The news today was not good at all. The x-rays showed I have slipped disc in my neck on top of the DM. So, not wanting mom to worry, I have been putting on a brave face, but was actually in a lot of pain. But don't worry, I'm home right now and sedated and comfortable so I could write this important message to you, as you all mean so much to me, and I wanted to write a proper goodbye message.
 The truth is this body is not working out for me anymore! and I'm ready to earn my wings. I will be spending this last night with my family for my little girls birthday. I will get lots of rubs, and told how much I am loved. Then tomorrow morning I will be making my way to heaven to reunite with Sidney bear and many of your missed fur-babies. I will leave feeling the love from all around the world. I will not be in pain, and I will always be in your hearts....that means more to me than anything. I will truly miss my family more than words can say, but I'll be smiling down at them from heaven. But as you can imagine, they are absolutely devastated I won't be here in person, so can u please watch over them for me here. Also, I have passed down many of the important things I have learned to my puppy sister Elsa, and she promises she will help my family through this, and will carry on my legacy. So, please continue to support her, as she will have to live a full life enough for both of us. I'm really counting on her, and know I'm leaving my family in good hands. I never ever expected the response and love and support this page has given to me. You've all been a huge blessing, and I'm touched you wanted to be there for my journey. For those that said I was an inspiration to help you keep going with your own battles, which is a true honor, I will be keeping a close eye on you from heaven. Please keep up the fight, promise me you'll never give up. I fought as long and hard as I could, and I hope I made you all proud. to all my friends, i know you ALL have huge hearts, let that guide you to keep doing good in the world. The world needs more people like you. Please know I love you all, goodbye for now.
Signing out-
Yours truly,
Rocky Star Murray


  1. I really didn't think i had anymore tears left until i read this mary ann, he is so smart and so loving. deb

  2. Wow....Rocky's post is just beautifully written with so much love. Thanks so much for sharing!

    And kudos for walking i the burrrrrr chilliness!

  3. A wonderful brisk wild life walk.

    It's never easy to lose a friend.

  4. Incredible story of love, and saying goodbye.
    Your right,, it brings tears, many of them,

  5. It's NEVER a good time for such things. Glad you got your walk in before you learned about it.

  6. I came back to see your amazing photos Mary Ann.. I wanted to think on them before I went to bed. The geese, I love the geese.
    And I am so happy for you- that you have your wonderful camera,, and all the country around you where there is so much beauty and wildlife to be seen.. And I am happy for you that you have that outlet of your feelings,,, by using your camera. I admire your zest for photography.

  7. Our pets are like family, loyal companions and loving friends. It's a dismal time of year, but still you find some good things to get pictures of. I don't walk much at all anymore, especially if it gets icy.

  8. Awww, I'm glad you shared that. As much as I loved Country, I'm not ready for another house dog any time soon. Maybe when the house kitties go to heaven.

    Will Jester wear a sweater? He's such a cute dog. I like the Boston's.

    Be careful out there walking a stay warm!

  9. I just couldn't bring myself to read the piece about the Corgi.
    I love our little Rowdy too much {our border collie} and I'm certain that I'm going to be a basket case when it's time to say goodbye.

    I did watch that show.. "Dr.Pol". It has helped me realize that so many of us really love our pets and feel as though they are another member of the family, and not just a 'pet'.

    Love your pics today.

    Have a happy day.

  10. We have read about so many troubles in the posts today we could not bring ourselves to read it. We will try for tomorrow.

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley


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