Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lots of Pictures on a Cold Day

We start off with one that made me laugh. 

You know that we are fighting a mouse infestation. 

That's a begonia plant I am trying to overwinter in the spare bedroom.

I'll be darned if it doesn't look like a mouse has tunneled down into it. 

There is a hole on the left, by the withered stalk. 

Now I don't know whether to water or not. 

When we lived in the country, I often restocked the feeders up to six times a day, 
and I went through thousands and thousands (NO EXAGGERATION) of pounds of 
birdseed for the wildings every week of the winter. 

Today was the first time I restocked six times and on a far smaller basis. 
I also refreshed warm water. 

It was horribly windy, as well as bitterly cold. 

This was our side yard pond yesterday, after a few days of off and on rain. 

It was frozen by this morning. 

We had lots of visitors. 

Including a woodpecker eating on the ground. 

Because these guy's friends were hanging on the feeder eating the suet (starlings). 

I looked back through the pictures I took from the bedroom window, and realized I got none of the purple finches, there were MANY of them. 

Hundreds of these were flying back and forth over our house... we are surrounded by bean and cornfields. 

You see how cloudy it was, I could not get a good picture. 

I left for church early so I could take some pictures.  I get vertigo a little, and I was scared to get too 
close to the railing over the bridge over Stranger Creek. which is really running high. 

The Big Ditch was half frozen, half thawed. 

The clouds had finally started to move a little. 

I saw these two in a field, I think the one on the left may be a buck, but they were far away and it was almost dark. 

And then.... I went along the road where we passed the mallards yesterday, and where I picture the Angus cattle all the time. 

And then, beyond the little pond... FAR beyond the little pond... 

I saw a group of something. 

I finally decided it was the Angus herd, let out in the cornfield behind their pasture to clean it up. 
I thought it was pretty good of their owner to let them out to graze on the leftover corn. 

It was almost dark. 

Can you see them????

I counted fifteen, and they were not cows, they were deer!  I couldn't believe I was 
seeing so many at one time. 

I have some classes to take at the camera store, and I hope to learn how to take 
challenging pictures like this. 


What Jess and Lil did most of the day, and what Jess and I are about to do together on the couch in front of the tv.  

Have a quiet weekend! 

I went back and lightened up a picture of the deer herd... 


  1. When I clicked on the picture of the deer to make it larger I was able to see them in the field. Raining here this morning but they are still saying snow coming in later on. Keep warm and cozy there. I'll be doing the same here.!

  2. Wonderful pictures but you know my favorite.

    Why is it called Stranger Creek?

  3. hahaha.....what a perfect photo of what to do on a cold gloomy day!

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the mouse ate the begonia roots :(

  5. I think your silhouette of the flying geese is lovely!

  6. A big deer herd! Maybe you need to get a cat? Or maybe just have all your neighbors get cats BOL!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I remember when you moved to the new house. And you were worried that you would never have birds visit your new house, or see wildlife, or have places to walk or place to visit to see the wildlife. I used to tell you the birds would find your home and come..
    And they did! Look at all the birds you see,, and deer,, and wildlife trails!
    I knew it would happen!
    Beautiful photos!

  8. We've seen a bunch like that at the SIL's place at Terry, it's several hundred acres. On the 1st warm day, you might want to take that plant outside and lift it out of the pot and shake it up some.


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