Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Other Things About Me

In the interests of sharing more information about me, I have to tell you all that I'm a Gleek. Yes, I love Glee.  I think it's not as good story-wise as it was in the beginning, but the musical numbers slay me. I was not a big Michael Jackson fan, but tonight's Michael Jackson tribute was well done, especially Human Nature.

I also love Downton Abby, and almost anything on Masterpiece Theater.  A long time ago I had watched a 13 episode Masterpiece theater piece about life in New York City at the turn of the 20th century, and that December, what did we have at the theater but a traveling production of the play "Da".... and one of the actors from the Masterpiece production was an understudy to the lead, and spent lots of time with me that week.  I think he was mystified that someone in Kansas City (read podunk) recognized him, and I spent a lovely Christmas Eve afternoon with the cast having dinner after the matinee. We also went to see "Kramer vs Kramer" the next afternoon after my Christmas with my family.... and he cried through most of the movie.  Funny how you remember things!

I did chores before Keith got home tonight, after getting the little dogs fed.  Bessie continues to do well, she is able to go to the bathroom now with no problem, and we were actually worried about her ability to eliminate after months of starvation.  She seems to be doing well, and was housebroken at some time in the past, as she has had no accidents.  Her eyes are already looking better after two days of medicine.  No, she is not taking Hannah's place... Hannah is irreplaceable, but she is a sweet little girl who deserved better than she got.

Here are the birds of the big henhouse tonight, already roosting when I went in to re-do their waterers:

In the middle there, next to Boots the Mille Fleur, is the tiny rooster Speedy, the Old English Gamebird.
This tiny little guy attacked Keith from behind on Monday while he was filling their big waterer!  Keith said he felt something hit his leg, and looked down, and here came Speedy again, spurs at the ready!   We're voting him Least Likely to Hurt Anybody.

These four are the only ones using the roosts now, and you see they were all jostling each other for space.  Buffy the Polish STILL needs her beak trimmed, so Keith and I will try to remember to do it tomorrow night.

Here are the porcelains and Reddy, over the feed room.  Butch roosts on top of the big white storage cabinet.  Reddy has actually been crossing over on the rafters and going outside with the other birds several times a day.

Here is Lil on the Stalk.  I stood and watched her.  It was nearly dark, and that's why the color is so bad.

Here she is, leg lifted to go on point.  I did not get a picture of the point, because I switched over to movie mode and filmed her, but I CANNOT GET MOVIES TO LOAD ANYMORE.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  She pointed, moved forward very slowly, then ran at the fence.  On the other side, at Troy's, was the Big Black Dog that was haunting us a few weeks ago.  I have learned since he belongs to a renter down the road.  Lilly ran up and down the fenceline, barking and growling at him for ten minutes.  Keith told me she had also done it earlier in the day.

I feel the cold that has hit everyone at work in the last three weeks coming on and am going to hit the hay early and PRAY that it leaves me alone!


  1. AVOID the COLD. Love the chicken pictures. I have never watch Glee, don't know why.

  2. You certainly are a gal with a lot going on :)

    I've never ever watched 'Glee'. Hmmm... something to think about.

    Love those chickens, and four legged friends of yours. They are entertaining, and keep you busy.
    Take care of you ....stay well.

  3. Good girl Lil, tell that ol dog off.

    I'm glad Bessie is doing really good.

  4. Good dog! Those are some nice chickens and they need protected! Be well Mary Ann.

  5. Hello all this is Keith. It isn't Speedy that abuses me, it is Fancy. Tonight he attacked me twice, then chased me out the chickenhouse door. I was afraid Lilly was going to chomp him, so chased him back in the door. What a hawnyawk! But I love them all!


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