Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Wonderful Evening and a Good Day

We had a quiet, at-home evening last night, but it was good.  Nathan watched some tv, (they have very limited tv in Garnett) and Keith did an errand, while I blog-hopped. 

I love Sunday mornings.  I used to go to church at 8:00 AM, so would get up very early, do chores, and then change clothes for church.  Now, I sleep a little later on Saturday and Sunday, fix a good breakfast for Keith/me/Nathan, make a batch of cookies for Nathan to take home with him, and then go to church at 10:30... and I forgot to say I feed all the dogs and do chores, too!  It's so peaceful here, and I can sit down at the table with the Sunday Kansas City Star, and read it slowly.  I love it.

It's Sunday evening now, and the starlings only hit us once today... early in the morning.  I banged on a pot several times when I saw them coming back, and once it warmed up to the fifties, they flew away to eat somewhere else.  The chickens had a great day, and the big flock spent it in the pasture.  I have so many older birds in that flock, but I hate to get rid of them, they are like old friends.  I thought originally if we had another bad winter like the last two, that we would lose the older ones.  So far, except for poor Widget this week, we are good.

Keith has gone to wash my car off, and that brings me to an observation.  We need rain.  The little ponds are drying up again, and the marsh near Lawrence usually so full of water and herons... is almost dry.  I mean literally, almost dry, there is one pool.  When a car goes down the road, the dust billows like a fog, rolling into the fields and yards alongside it.  I am constantly dusting in here.  I'm starting a prayer for rain, because I'm getting worried.

Before I left for church, Keith gave Bess a bath.

As you can see, the dust of the road had covered her little body well

We thought for a while last night that she had only one eye... and that that eye had a cataract in it, but after Keith washed her, we realized there was a good eye on her left.

Tomorrow she is going to go to Dr. Tom, and we will have him assess her health all over.  Then we'll decide what to do.  We have a good relationship with the rescue from whom we got Hannah and Abby, and they specialize in small dogs.  We don't want to approach them until we know what's what.

Keith left after I got home from taking Nathan to meet his mom.... he was in a hurry to get to Lee's Summit to do this:

Yes, he was visiting the Little Prince.  Need I tell you he was over there all afternoon?

I was asked to go, but to tell you the truth... I have become happiest at home, and nothing makes me feel better than puttering around here, cleaning, doing wash, baking or cooking, and taking care of the animals.  Our neighbor Troy came over to trade me some egg cartons for eggs (which I was glad to do) and he met Bess.  He told me his wife is now looking for a Peke, but I am holding out hope. 
I cooked some green beans "slow and low" with onion and bacon, and when Keith got home, we had a piece of a ham steak, with some rice and mushrooms, and the green beans.  The fat pugs got to have some green beans, too!


  1. Sure hope you do get rain. Glad your Sunday was peaceful. It's good when you can start off slow in the morning and enjoy it.

  2. Bess? I'll have to back up and catch up. Poor little girl.


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