Friday, January 27, 2012

The End of a Long Week

I can't say I am too sorry to see this week come to an end.  Unfortunately, we had one more sad occurence... a very nice little cochin hen, Widget, who was the last to go in every night, had to be put down this morning.  I saw her in the dark in a far corner of the little henhouse, bent over, and ran to get the flashlight.  I am so glad I did, as she was in bad shape.  Keith put off leaving for work long enough to take care of her.  She had managed to push her egg bed all the way out, and had prolapsed.  Once that had been taken care of, I could finish up chores and change clothes to leave myself.

The day started beautifully...

This was taken to the east at 7:20 this morning.  That's the Spehar's pond you see in the distance.

Aztec was in there somewhere, too... they were all having a leisurely cud chew as I left for work, having eaten their breakfast.

I had to go to Fort Leavenworth this afternoon for a doctor's appointment, and this is a barn I pass everytime I go... it always makes me feel so sad.  It was full of hay, and they have just let it sink into the ground.

As I left the post, I passed a big flock of turkeys (I know they are not a "flock") almost at the gate, busily eating away just off the sidewalk that runs along Grant Avenue... almost at the guard station... as if nothing was wrong and no people were near.  I could NOT get a clear picture, you can't stop there and cars were coming up behind me.  My picture turned out to be a blur, and I wish that I could have shown you how beautiful they were.

As I drove home through the countryside, I passed hundreds upon hundreds of geese in the beanfields feeding, and on the bigger ponds.  I didn't get good pictures of them, either.

Here's something I did get a picture of:

I counted 28 mares in this field, there were more stretched off to the right and left.  Keith and I have been watching this herd the last few weeks.  You see, they belong to a young man who used to take care of our horse's feet, he was wonderful with them and very quiet, but then began to miss his appointments and we gave up on him eventually.  We have noticed that he has moved all of his stock to this field, which is across from his home and barns.  He breeds Arabians, but many of these mares are paints, appys, and a couple of palominos.  He appears to be rebuilding his corrals at his home place, but we have also noticed that these mares are going through hay like you wouldn't believe, and today, they appeared to be eating maybe hay that had been thrown out for them (because they were so spread out) instead of big bales.  We just wonder what is going on, and if he needs help. He has some beautiful horses.

Of course, I got home to find these:

UGH.  Even worse than yesterday.  Poop in them, poop all around, wherever you see white, it's poop.  Double ugh.  It wouldn't be so bad, but it smells! And the waterers INSIDE were as dry as these.

Not a lick of water or feed for our birds left at all.  The big henhouse flock is going out into the pasture during the day now, so I think they are finding enough bugs, etc., but I can't let the little henhouse side out at the same time, Rambo and the two young boys will fight... Rocky and Brutus.

Someone suggested something last night that I am going to write her and find out about... we are ready to go to extreme measures (laugh).  I guess extreme would be blasting away with a shotgun.

When I got to the door, my help came out to do chores with me...

Here they come, barreling out of the henhouse.  Biggify it, and you'll see Abby is at the gallop.  Gertie is looking around for Lilly, who goes after her savagely if she gets too close to the henhouse, where Lilly is Queen of Mice Control.

And here is the aforementioned Queen, surveying All She Commands.

Sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise.

And here is Lilly again, waiting for Keith to come through the gate in his truck when he got home from his trip up to Doniphan County, to look at the levee repairs.

Yes, the "Christmas" curtains are still up.  They are lined, and are keeping out the cold.
I'm strill trying to think what to put up in their stead when we are feeling compelled to take them down (like, um, Easter).

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  1. Was so sorry to hear about Hannah. I love animals, but I don't think I could keep all you have. Loved the pics of the sunrise and sunset. Mary G.

  2. Sorry about Widget.

    The sunrise and sunset are beautiful.

    28 horses...lord, it's hard to feed and care for the 8 we have.


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