Monday, January 30, 2012

I ask you... does this little girl look like she is going anywhere?

She turns out to be about 8 years old, her eye problem is conjunctivitis, not cataract, and as you can see, there IS a second eye.  Her organs are working well, and her clumps of hair so stuck together have been shaved.  She has all of her shots.  She needs a dental, but will have to be sedated for that, so it will come soon.  She does NOT like her eye drops, but we will insist.  She is purebred Shihtzu, as near as the doctor can tell.

She is now listed as "Bessie" on our records at Dr. Tom's. 
What do you think?

On another front, we have a new old china hutch in our bedroom.  I saw this hutch many months ago at Wild Horse Antiques.  When Michelle closed her shop and moved to Texas, I forgot about it, but now the shop is open and the actual owner of the hutch is running it.  It is kind of an antique/flea market place, but I saw the hutch and realized it was down to 100.00.  I went back and talked to the man, and he told me he had given 165.00 for it at auction, but wanted to move it.  I went back again and asked him if he would take two payments, one of $50.00 and one in two weeks.  He agreed, so Saturday, we brought it home.  Okay... Keith brought it home and Keith and Nathan somehow got it unloaded and in the house. It is sitting in our bedroom, and I unloaded about half of what was in the kitchen hutch and moved it into this one, so we can get to our everyday plates easily now in the kitchen.  When you only have six cabinets, you have to use everything you can for storage.

Here it is empty:

Just what every bedroom needs. 
My mother's crystal water glasses are in it, my grandma's candy dish, some old milk bottles, a Pysanky egg someone gave us for our wedding, a needle case from my mom's sewing basket, and some salt and paper shakers that I like.  A little collection of dogs.  Christmas plates. It has two shelves down below, now full of things, so it was lucky Keith put a shim under it.
My Puss N Boots cookie jars look nice in it, don't they?


  1. Your little dog is darling. Love your new cabinet full of memories. Mary G.

  2. Yup I think there is a reason Bess is there with bridging that gap that Hannah left. She won't take Hannah's place but she can fill that void she left.

  3. So is Bessie a new resident at your home? :)
    The hutch is beautiful!


  4. Okay, I was really wondering if you were going to give her up. I'm really very glad you are keeping her cause I know she will have excellent care and sooooo much luv.

    That's a beautiful addition to your home.

  5. The hutch is beautiful, and sweet Bessie looks like she is settling in to me!

  6. Such a lucky little dog he is. How does he get along with the pugs? The cabinet is beautiful. I could stand looking at that when I opened my eyes in the morning.


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