Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Progamming (Again)

Patience is needed, tonight, folks, for you and for me.  You see, last night, our computer gave up the ghost.  At least... we think it did.  A friend is going to look at it, and failing it's restarting, take all the pictures off it for us, so we don't lose them.

I did have a couple of warnings over the weekend that the drivers were going, and I suspect we could have done something quickly... but.... we're human.  So Keith went out tonight and got a new computer, got it all connected, and went to bed.  I am trying to get the protection in (We use Avast professional and have found it to be superb at keeping unwanted trash out) and the printer and camera programs loaded.

Bear with me, please.

We had planned a story about something we saw over the weekend, but I have already taken it out of the camera, and it is loaded in the old computer, so unattainable.

I'll try to get another picture this weekend to show you.

So, guess what?  ALL MY FAVORITES ARE GONE.  Yes, three years of saving sites and referring back to them... gone with the wind. 

On the plus side, my Hannah is here at my feet snoring away.  I ran out while Keith was gone just after work to do chores, and left her in the house alone.  When the other dogs and I came back, she was sitting on the pad in the kitchen throwing her head back and HOWLING... we have never, ever seen her do that, and she must have been scared stiff and wanting someone to come rescue her!  She and I have had a quiet evening on the couch after dinner, waiting for Keith to finish.  She did not have her medicine today, she did not get anything in her stomach this morning, and did eat only a little tonight.  We'll try again tomorrow.  The incision, though, is healing fine.

I can't figure out where to find the pictures I just loaded (only three or four that were in the camera) so this will be a pictureless post, I'm afraid.

What did he get?  A Dell, our first.

Hopefully, tomorrow night I'll be able to figure things out, until then....

(Guess what? I just realized all my downloaded clip art and artwork is in the other computer, as well).


  1. We back up our laptops to the desktop and it is backed up off-site through Carbonite. We learned the hard way! I am glad that Hannah is healing. Good luck retrieving you info from your old computer.

  2. I'm just getting ready to back up my old laptop to my even older desktop. Since I use my computer for business as well as blogging pleasure (plus family photos), I might not recover from a crash!

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer dying - that just underscores why it's important to have backups. Buy a cheapie USB hard drive and back it up to that (about $80). Also, Microsoft's Security Essentials is a free antivirus\antispyware program that works just as well as Avast! My hubby and I are both computer security professionals and we both use it on all our computers. Never had a problem with malware. Finally, if your friend can get your pictures off, they can get your favorites as well. Good luck!

  4. Computer woes are a big headache.

    Hope Hanna is feeling better now.

  5. So sorry to hear about this. It's very frustrating when technology doesn't work for us. I hope you can save your pictures/files at least.

  6. I remember what a headache computers can be! Hope you get all your favorites and pictures back and onto your new computer!

  7. So frustrating when computers give up the ghost I know. My last change over to a new one took months and months to get everything sorted and back as it was.


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