Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Late Saturday Post

Nathan has been here today with us, and absent the television, we let him use the computer tonight.  Keith went somewhere to watch a bit of the playoffs, but the second game, the one we wanted to see, is not going so well for the Broncos. 

We had a very quiet day without the squawk box going in the background, I must say.  I have to admit that I am going to sorely miss Downton Abby tomorrow night, but I will catch up next week. 

Today Nathan and I saw a very good movie after doing our Saturday errands.  We saw "We Bought a Zoo", and despite it's so-so reviews, we liked it.  Based on a true story, it stars Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansen, and I have to admit I had tears in my eyes at the end.  Despite the fact that there were several curse words in it (which Nathan noted afterwards, asking how it could be considered PG13), the subject of puppy love in it was handled very well, with the young couple of 13 and 14 hugging, instead of kissing, which I thought was very refreshing for once. I am going to look up Benjamin Mee, the actual person who did this, to read more about it.

Tonight I made the most wonderful dinner.  Keith was still out, but Nathan and I enjoyed it, and then I fixed Keith a big bowl when he got home, and he devoured it.  I found it here at the Pioneer Woman, and it is as good as she says it is!  Called "Cheeseburger Salad", you just follow her instructions and do it like she shows... and believe me, it's good! I highly recommend it!

Last night I stayed up for a while and did a little surfing, reading some blogs and doing some research. 

When I bought the chicks last March, I was told that the larger chicks were Rocks and Welsummers.  As time wore on, the Rocks began to look like Wyandottes, so I got very confused.  I had a rooster and two pullets, all gold-penciled, and what looked like a rooster and three pullets of the Welsummers.  So last night, I got on Feathersite and took a look.  Here is the Welsummer rooster on Feathersite (thank you, Barry Koffler)

And here, this morning, is our Brutus

Definitely the Welsummer rooster.  Note Starling poop on the fence and doghouse.

What then, was Rocky?  Wyandotte or Rock?

A Buff Rock trio on Feathersite.

Rocky and Rockette, this morning.  We lost the second hen months ago.

I think Rocks, for sure, since they do not have rosecombs.

And last, Speedy, the OEG rooster, whose little pullet I also lost months ago, and we now think was the first lost to the hawk.

I had many pairs of OEGs at the first Calamity Acres.

On Feathersite:

But then I started to think... I don't ever remember a comb like this on one of mine, and I think it has been dubbed.  Here is another picture:

This cock looks more like Speedy, and also like those I had years ago.

Here are the three roosters Boots (Mille Fleur), Speedy, (OEG) and George, the partridge cochin, with Buffy, the Polish girl.  Buff caught herself AGAIN today, a long toe that you see here, stuck through the metal grill of the juvenile hutch, trapping her.  I realized everyone had gone in but her, and knew it.  It took me a minute to free her, and then I set her inside the pophole on the ramp of the big chickenhouse.  She froze... they have so much trouble seeing.  Tomorrow, I am going to have Keith hold her while I trim her beak, and cut some feathers around her eyes.  No more Polish!

Here is what I found after sleeping a little later this morning, when I opened the back door of the little henhouse:

They are on the INSIDE.  All the feed was gone, of course.

And outside:

If you biggify this, you'll see some of them perched on the branches of the walnut tree, waiting to swoop down. They were only a few of the hundreds around.  I ran outside three times yelling and clapping my hands, til Keith was laughing at me. He ended up having to replenish twice.  It's pitiful.

I spent an hour looking at home built feeders designed to keep vermin, ground and flying, out of the chicken feed. My problem is I have six little tiny hens, and I don't know if they could open the lid to eat.  I have a design I am going to run by Keith tomorrow and see what he says.

We close the night with gratuitous cuteness:

Notice the toys are in the bed with them. Gerts must ALWAYS tuck her little nose in.  Abs just likes to be close to you.  Keith and I were talking for an hour in the office, he standing in the door and me at the computer.  The girls settled in, and Hannah was at my feet.


  1. Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy.

    I adore that big rooster of yours....he's gorgeous!

    Good to know that you enjoyed the movie. I was wondering about that one.

    Going off to check out that recipe...sounds tasty!

  2. If anyone is looking at this tonight... I tried Blogger in Dynamic Views.... I can't get back! I have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON... but I've LOST OUR BLOG!!!!

  3. What a beautiful and colourful rooster.


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