Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Again, and a Missing Bird

It's Tuesday evening, and I have a full-blown fall cold.  The aches and pains from two weeks ago finally manifested themselves, and I am sneezing and blowing with the best.  I hope it doesn't last long!
After a rainy weekend and Monday, we had a wonderful balmy day here, with highs in the upper 80's.

Tonight we are missing this girl:

It's Little Girl, the brassy back old english gamebird pullet.  The last time I am certain I saw her was Saturday night, when they roosted inside.  Sunday night, they stayed out.  I have not seen her since Saturday for certain. She was a lovely little pullet, and now I have Speedy, the Brassy back OEG rooster, and no hen for him. 

This guy almost got eaten by Lilly, in fact, we thought he was gone.  Keith asked me to put him in the nursing cage so we could watch him for a while. 

It's Boots, the bigger of the two Mille Fleur roosters... and I'm happy to tell you that tonight, he is back with the flock on the roost.  No harm done, thank heavens. 

Here is the Perp, looking contrite. She happens to be by the pasture gate, with Reddy and Eagle on the other side.  Hmmmm.
And here's our silly Tony.... and with that, I'm full of Nyquil and going to bed.

"Bigify" to see him standing there with a piece of weed hanging from his mouth, waiting for his dinner!
He looks like the Pushme Pullyu!

And a Calamity Acres hello to all the new blog readers.. we are so glad to have you!

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  1. Maybe the perp needs a cow bell or better yet, let her drag a tire. That would make it harder for her to catch one....

    Hope you find her.

    Get well soon.


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