Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Vignettes

(And she meant it, too!)

It's about time she got out here to fill the foot bath with cool well water!

See!  Did so tell you we were the tiniest!
(Brassy Back Red Old English Gamebirds, even
smaller than the bantam cochin behind them)

Granddog Jester - who has WORN THE PUGS OUT!
He has springs in his feet, and this is the ONLY time he stopped for a second! 

They come in, and at dark, go right out the door to roost in their tree!

The first of this year's pullets to lay.. a buff cochin!  She gave us a beautiful, if small, egg.

It was miserably hot today, but I cut grass for three hours early this morning. I have watered the flowers, and went out to shut the birds up, but the big henhouse is so insufferably hot, I hate to close the popholes.  I do have a fan going, pushing around the hot air.  I have often left it open in summer, but the visit by the varmint last week worries me.  I'll decide at ten, after the news. 

After the work in the heat today (Keith is still out there in the dark) I'm going to run to Sonic for a cherry limeade, and a root beer float for Keith!

We're home for the holiday... everyone be safe!

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