Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not Part Two of the Rooster Post!

I was going to finish my post about the roosters tonight, but something else happened today that I want to share.

This morning, I decided at the last minute to put Teeny and her babies down with the other birds. The three little pullets are about 8 weeks old, and the confines of the cage were just getting to be too much.  It was time for them to be down in the litter, scratching like regular chickens.  Keith had followed me out, so I asked him to nab them while I held the carrier.  Oh my goodness... if you had heard Teeny, you would have thought it was a hog being stuck. 

Here are the babies in the carrier, freaked out:

I put their waterer down in front of them, so they could see it.  It's actually holding the door open.  Note Teeny behind them, calling to them.

The Outside Sleepers, as I call them, all came barreling to see what was going on. Two of the little roosters attacked Teeny, who had to fight them off, all 12 ounces of her.
At that point, I ushered all the other birds outside, large and small.  It was a beautiful day, and I made sure there was enough food outside for them to eat, along with fresh water.  I shut both popholes to give Teeny and her girls time to get used to the henhouse.
When I got home, this is what I found.  Keith had already seen them, he had to leave for work just before noon and work late.  He opened one pophole, because we knew everyone had to learn to live together. The chicks were happily following their mama around looking for feed in the litter.

When I went out to lock up, I found one under Teeny, up on one of the roosts. As you can see, the good mama is still trying to keep it warm and safe.  I got worried for a second and wondered if a snake had heard the peeping and come in and gotten the other two.  (We have had that happen).  I turned around, and this is what I found:

Chickens are so remarkable.  These two little girls, who had never been out from under their mama at night, figured out where to roost.  That particular roost is about 2 feet off the ground, and an even closer jump up from the "ramp" that Keith built for them to jump up and walk out on.  The other is in the second (higher) pophole doorway.  I made sure the pophole was secure.  There are three bigger chickens roosting just above and in back of this little white pullet (on the higher roost), and Teeny and the third chick are directly across from them, about 4 feet high. 
Then I went outside to say good night to these goofballs:


On a totally different subject, who is the leak in Brenda's squad room on "The Closer"????

I say Sanchez.  My friend Vickie, an avid watcher like myself, says Tau or Buzz. 
What do you say????


  1. Sorry don't watch the show so can't tell you.

    LOL...at the chicks in the tree.

  2. oh it has to be the guy no one likes who wanted poe's job! I cant remember his name-hes totally incompetent-cant be any of the others!! I hope it isnt!!
    Chickens are great aren't they!!

  3. OH MY GOSH a fellow watcher! He's too obvious! I think Tau and Buzz are too obvious, I just feel it's Sanchez!!! We'll find out at some point!

  4. I had real trouble introducing my juvenile chicks to the older hens.
    But I separated them when they hatched because their hatching too place over a week.Maybe your's worked out because they stayed with their mother.


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