Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Follow Ups

Review of the great pie I made Sunday afternoon... the pie was delicious, but here's the rest of the story... it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get the crust out of the iron skillet!  Never again!  Next time, it will be in a deep dish pie pan, placed on the lowest shelf in the stove.  The skillet is now clean and oiled and put away again.  Nice idea, just not practical.

The Nikon camera I bought during the summer has become a disappointment.  I actually had to have it replaced by Nikon/Best Buy because the first one broke after 3 weeks.  They got another to me just as my old Canon kicked the bucket for good, but this one just does not work right.  It is the Nikon Coolpix S1400 touchscreen.  There is an annoying bar that appears in many pictures.... here is an example:

This is me trying to capture the mists that were hanging over the bean fields on either side of the highway this morning.  (yes, I know I shouldn't have been shooting and driving, I'm guilty).  As you can see, there is a bar in the picture, to the right of center.  It is in hundreds of my pictures.  I was NOT pulling the picture closer to me.... I just took it fast, but I have noticed whenever I try to pull the subject in closer, I get the bar.  This camera has a 5 x zoom and 14 megapixels.  In truth, I can't pull closeups of anything, really.
If I am on top of something, the picture is decent:

Fancy, tonight during chore time.  His girls April and May had already gone into the rabbit hutch.  These three are STILL sleeping in the hutch, and it's starting to get cold.  They huddle in the straw of the nestbox side.  Once it really gets nippy, they are going to be put into the little henhouse whether they like it or notI would love to breed a few more Porcelain D'Uccles in the spring, I love these beautiful birds.
Notice there is no line through the picture.
It is dark now in the morning when I go out to chore.  I can see the Spehar's shop lights twinkling on the other side of the big ponds, because they start early in their wood shop.  Monday morning and this morning, there were no lights to greet me, and I figured out why tonight.  The "boys" went by in their truck as I did chores, with the trailer behind them.  They are fine cabinet makers, and there is a new house going up down at the end of the road from us... we suspect they are doing the custom cabinets.  Whoever is getting them is getting good work done, as they are master cabinetmakers.
If you bigify the above picture, you will see the llamas leisurely laying by the hay manger after their pellet breakfast, with Butch and his two girls scratching in the straw of the llamayard, all as happy as peas in a pod, just what I like to see on my way to work. As you can see, it is just coming light as I pulled down the driveway at 7:30. 


  1. Thanks for the follow-up on the pie; I may not bother now. Didn't need the calories anyway.... (-;

  2. You live in such a peaceful place.

  3. I can understand camera woes.

    He's a beautiful roo!

  4. I agree with Gail, you live in a peaceful looking place. Pretty morning sky, too. I know how frustrating cameras can be, mine sure doesn't do what it's supposed to a lot of times. Have a great day!

  5. Hi Mary Ann! Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday - I'm glad you did, since it gave me a chance to find yours. Absolutely LOVE your blog header, and can't wait to read more of your posts. :)

  6. Hello Sweetie

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your well wishes. Sorry bout the pie crust snafu!

    Yep stick with the regular pans - they do work well.



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