Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sorry for the Gap

We had wonderful weather and a very happy Saturday here, it was Keith's birthday.  We went to Red Lobster, as he is a huge seafood fan, and we rarely eat it at home. 
We had a lovely meal and then went to a movie, which we do just a few times a year.  We saw "Contagion".  Keith pronounced it pretty true-to-life... since he works in Emergency Management.  I thought it was creepy, because it WAS so true-to-life.  We both, however, fell asleep in it twice.  We're pretty lively people these days (laugh).
Dew on some grass this morning as I went out to do chores.  It was a crisp morning.

I saw this guy on my way home from church!
My neighbor Roxanne, with the Goat Dairy that is called "Screamin' Oaks" because of the sound that these birds make, has numerous peacocks that wander the road off and on.  Usually we see the hens and chicks, but today I saw three cocks. 

After church, we ran down to Garnett to see Nathan for a bit. 

When we got back, I did chores.  
Here is what is in the little henhouse today:
I bought this inexpensive "nest box", made by Ware Mfg., from Tractor Supply a couple of weeks ago.  I put straw in it several times.... the little hens LOVE this box, even though it is not private.  I usually find four to five eggs in it daily, and for tiny hens, they are laying size B eggs.  This little black headed blue silky has gone broody.
These two have also.  Oddly enough, the white one, Snowball, is one of the chick killers from last spring.

The black hen is the one who never goes outside.  I have seen her on the porch of the henhouse maybe twice.

They were NOT happy that I was taking the eggs!

This little blue girl was all by herself in her corner.  I picked her up and took her egg, and she very quietly laid back down and kept still.  She is a very small blue silkie hen.

Here are the Teeny Chicks. They are ALL GIRLS!!!!!
They are also getting half again as big as their mama, so next weekend, I think it will be time for them to go down onto the floor of the big henhouse.  Teeny can teach them, and protect them from the other birds.  The way they are jumping up and down on the waterer and the sides of the cage, I think they are ready to go. 
You can see that they are, indeed, descendents of our Japanese bantams with which we started.
More, tomorrow, about feed, and what it's costing now.  I have kept some old receipts from the feed store and want to compare what we paid "then", and what we are paying now.  Incredible!


  1. Happy birthday! Wow, a peacock running alongside the road, don`t see THAT here often!

  2. I know every time I go to the feed store it's higher.


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