Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Perfectly Lovely Sunday

It is, and was. 

When we moved here 7 years ago, about ten of the bigger fencepost had birdhouses on them.  This is the only one left, they have all rotted out and fallen, including the one on the black post.  A long term project is to put birdhouses back on the posts. 

The flower garden is still full of color.

The view from the back of the tractor as I cut... Ranger is in the fence corner guarding the yard from the cars on the road... and you can see the colors of fall are starting to show.

Witchy Poo, on the front porch... so the little ones won't get too scared.

Hangin' Out after treats tonight.

Our little doll Hannah, staying out of my way while I vaccumed.  Keith realized this morning that she really can't see.... we think she sees shadows at 6 inches in front of her, but after that, nothing.  She is having a little trouble getting around the house, and we have begun carrying her to the deck.  She can't tell where we are if we get up and leave her, and we have to stamp our feet for her to feel the vibrations, as we think she either can't hear or can't put two and two together. 
This afternoon we took a good rest, Keith and I, and fell asleep on the couches, me sitting and him reclining, surrounded by pugs.  Keith worked for four hours on the henhouse, and is back out there at it.  I am thinking of making some salad for a simple dinner, as we planned to grill and then decided we were too tired. 
This did not last long:

It is the skillet apple pie I made yesterday.  There is a sliver left.  Next time I'll put it on the bottom rack, it got too brown, but was so good, and very easy to make.  I saw the recipe in Southern Living last month, but also a version here at Angies Pangies, and that's the version I used, minus the pear, which I would like to try.  I put a cookie sheet underneath it as she suggested, it did need it.  As I said, except for the crust being a little too brown, it was great.

Have a good start to your weeks, everyone!


  1. Oh YUM. I happen to have pears and apples; might have to make that, even though I hate making pie crust....

  2. Pie looks great. So do the chickens. Sorry to hear about Hannah.
    Mary G.


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