Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Beloved Birthday

My mother's... she would have been 97 today.  How we miss her, my sister and I.  She has been gone 3 years on October 6th, and it seems like just yesterday we sat and visited with her in the nursing home.  How we miss her laugh and her jokes and her calling us "Little Girl". 
Her hands so strong, she made the best pies in the world and her chicken casserole was to die for.  They became knotted and bent with arthritis at the end.  We wore homemade clothes to church, and uniforms to school.  She made us walk to school in the fall, winter and spring, because it made you strong... and we were strong enough to carry umbrellas! 
She loved to watch the birds in their aviary.  She always thought it so funny that I kept chickens.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. Wow - 97! What an awesome lady. I love tributes to loved ones who have passed on. This was nice.

  2. I know you miss her. You'll have to share her chicken casserole recipe with us.


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