Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon, about 3 PM.  The most glorious, sunny fall day you can imagine!  I am sitting at the computer, listening to "In the Heights" (more about that in a sec) and watching Aztec in the pasture, perplexed because I have let Rambo and his flock out into the pasture for the first time in many months. Butch has hidden himself in the north end of the pasture to avoid a confrontation.... but I have seen him several times and know he is fine.  Aztec is bucking and galloping around, confused about the chickens being out in "her pasture" and running back to Inca for reassurance.  Tony is a notorious chicken-chaser, so I am watching him closely.

I never talk much about the things that make me happy (or maybe I do, subconsciously).  I love history, and read it frequently.  I used to be on the board of a Civil War Roundtable (Western Missouri) and would still be in the club, but they meet so far away from where we live now.  Another wonderful hobby dropped due to high gas prices.... however, I can still read history, and do.  Keith and I share this love, and it was studying Civil War battles that brought us together.

I worked more than one job most of my adult life.  I worked as an usher and ticket taker in almost every venue in Kansas City, Missouri and some surrounding areas.  I finally became the production house manager for the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and was the house manager for the opera, the Kansas City Ballet performances at the Lyric, and the Kansas City Symphony performances.  For some years I managed the ushers for the three groups, and we worked in many of the larger venues in the surrounding areas.  In the summer, I managed concession stands at Sandstone, and I had ushered for 16 years at Kemper Arena, so have heard about every artist I wanted to, and some many times.  I worked Elvis twice before he died, right in front of the stage.... I saw Paul McCartney and his bands several times, every rock band from the 80's and 90's, and every major country artist.  I was still doing all this when I was at the first Calamity Acres, and believe me, I was stretched thin time-wise for a long time.  I did chores in the dark on both ends, and my poor animals saw me coming and going.  I had very cooperative (and understanding) bosses on my main job, so was blessed in that respect.  I absolutely LOVE Broadway shows, and have been very lucky to see many, and see some of them many, many times because in the "old" days, they played Tuesday through Sunday here at the Music Hall.  I still love them, and I still have lots of Broadway tunes on the Ipod.  I am listening to selections from "In the Heights", "Catch Me if you Can", and "The Book of Mormon" as I type this.

I love old MGM musicals, and make a point to watch them.  If we could remember how to work our Blue Ray with our tv, I would watch Meet Me in St. Louis tonight... one of my all-time favorites.  I'm praying Chris can figure it out for us next weekend, as he is coming up for Round Two of Sapling Destruction.

I love fall, and decorating for it, but I find as the years go on, I am decorating less and less.  I keep it up for the grands, though, and now we have Paiton, Jaxton, and the new little Jace. 

I love gardening, but the body is slowly breaking down, so Chris is taking over the heavier chores. 

I love to bake, and this afternoon, I am making a skillet apple pie before Keith gets home.  I have just spoken with him... he is five hours out, so I have time.  He was glad to see all of his cousins at the funeral this morning, and the majority of them are getting together for a bonfire tonight, to talk about his Uncle Cletus and remember him.  I told him he should have stayed, but good person that he is, he said he would not have had fun without me.

I love horses.  We had minis and our dear pony Beau here.... but it is not the same as riding.  I am like Velvet Brown in "National Velvet"... always thinking I am going to inherit a stable of horses, one to ride for every day of the week (and one to win the Grand National on).  Keith could tell you that I still troll Craigslist several nights a week, looking at the horse ads.  Some of my best memories are on horseback, and I love to read The Cheyenne Chronicles, Gracie and the Rough Rider, and Dances with Horses (and many, many more) to see others who love their horses and are still having fun with them.  I don't know that we will ever be able to have any more here... things are getting out of control feed-wise, and we believe in vetting and proper foot care, so it becomes a matter of economics.  My heart still thrills when I see them and smell them though.

I don't like the rodeo anymore.  I dated a rodeo cowboy (bulldogger) for a while, and I worked the American Royal Rodeo for many, many years... but now neither Keith or I can stand to watch the animals mistreated.  We came to the conclusion at the same time, got up, walked out of a performance and have never gone back.  I'm just sayin', as Suzanne says.

I love the circus, which is confusing taken with the above paragraph.  I belonged to Circus Fans Association for 25 years earlier in my life... and I love the history and lore of the Big Top.  I have not been now in several years, but used to go to as many shows as I could get to in the past.  I have had many friends from the circus world, some gone now.... but enjoyed learning all I could about it without actually DOING it!  I have great admiration for people who can live like gypsies and master centuries old feats of daring-do to entertain the rest of us.  I only knew one trainer who mistreated (IMHO) his animals, and he is one of them who is gone now, thank heavens.

This morning on my way to the library I watched wild turkey cross the road in front of me, all hens.  I tried like the dickens to get pictures... but just could not with the Nikon.  I am not satisfied with this camera... when you bring it closeup, it puts a black bar in the picture... and the camera is SLOW.  I'm going back to a Canon in the future. 

Can you believe this is a post without pictures?
Okay, I'll throw one in:

Gratuitous pic of Lil eating her dinner last night... she likes to eat alone and unbothered.


  1. I stopped liking rodeos when I saw a bronc bust a leg during a run -- and keep going, cowboy still on. That was years - decades - ago when my husband was a young vet in MN. When the horse was ushered to the holding pens we watched anxiously to see if he was going to be quickly put out of his misery (lower leg was swinging from tissue). Nothing. So my husband got up, found the stock contractor, found out they didn't plan to do anything until the rodeo ended, then drove to the nearest vet clinic for drugs and put the horse down himself. I have gone to rodeos since, but I'm always holding my breath. No fun.

  2. I luv the horses we have, but don't want any more any time soon.


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