Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I Found in My Boot Yesterday Morning

And other random shots.  I have to preface this by saying it was an incredibly hard week here, and I am so grateful for Keith, who insisted on doing the morning chores in the dark and bitter cold.  He did a great job.
Our house, however, is a MESS and that is the project of the day.  It is a humble house, as I've said before.

We hope, this spring, to tear up all the carpet that was down when we moved here, and put tile down, easier to clean when tramping in and out, and with all the paws on it.  We're anticipating April, but we know how things go, too.

So here are some pictures:

Here is what I found in my boot:
We had just talked the night before about the fact that last year we were overrun with field mice in the house... we actually had to poison them, we had so many.  Gwen spent the winter laying in wait for them to poke their noses out.  This year we have seen none, but this week, I began to see some "evidence" of them. We know there are black snakes in the crawl space, and assumed they had cut down on the mouse population.
I actually put my socked foot in the boot, and felt something, thinking it was a sock I had somehow left in there (I have double-socked all week).  Imagine my surprise when I looked down.  It had been in the toe of the boot, so no, I didn't stand up on it, thank heavens.  Even a mouse deserves to live in a snowstorm.  He was dumped under the sink, to hopefully find another home.  I didn't have the heart to put him outside.  I'm a sap.
Aztec, standing wooly and fit at 3 months old on Wednesday.

Keith took a picture of a pug pile on Thursday.
Abby spent some time with Dr. Tom yesterday. She is now in danger from being overweight, so is on a weight-reduction diet, and strict orders for excercise as soon as the weather clears.  We are going to walk her (slowly) down in Tongie at the track, along with Gertie.  Gertie has been the best for her, they play constantly, but the weight is endangering Abs.  Gertie needs to keep HER girlish figure, as well.  So I'll walk Abby slowly, and Keith and Gert will stride out!

And lastly, the fluffy derriere of rooster Two, who was a smart boy Wednesday and stayed up in the rafters near the light in the henhouse, for the warmth!
Grandson Nathan is coming today with his mom to make bread for us... yummmm!  I'll ask him to take some pictures, he loves to use the camera and is getting to be a good shot.  I think I know what his birthday present will be this year!


  1. Aww, that was one lucky mouse! :) I'm a sap too, I wouldn't have been able to hurt the poor thing either. They're a huge nuisance but so cute at the same time, it stinks that they have to be so destructive!

  2. Cute little fellow...looks as if he's in the naughty corner. You really do have some heart now let me tell you. You didn't ask, but I have a remedy for your overweight pug. My grandpuggy got the same news some time ago. He was much too pudgy. My son and his wife moved in a beagle and both dogs are slim and trim now. So how about a beagle? :D

  3. I would have shrieked at the girl you know. Aztec is really growing. Mary G.

  4. oh mary, i would have shrieked out loud but outside the mouse would mice in the house or the barn...haven't had them for a few years until this year. two got in somehow and hid under the dishwasher. big rocky has proven to be the house hunter and out of all the cats in the house, he captured it. i have a video of his growls as i tried to retrieve the dead swinging body while he ran around and around. your heart is tender and i like that. byw, love the pic with the kitty on your husband's shoulders.

  5. Oh goodness--would not be impressed with that in my boot.
    Hope your Satuurday went better.
    Have a great Sunday.


  6. I think field mice are so cute but prefer them outside.

  7. Eek!! Lordy I don`t like mice! that pug pile was adorable!!

  8. It’s funny because I absolutely scream like a little girl when I see a mouse of any kind and yet I look in your boot and that is the cutest little thing. I don’t think you’re a sap at all--just a big hearted woman and that’s a good thing. Aztec is gorgeous. I would love to have one, maybe someday. Cute booty shot of the rooster too :)
    Happy Sunday,

  9. I'm going to try sending a comment again - for some reason, my comments to you don't go through. Don't know what I am doing wrong. I love your blog - it is my first go-to place on my computer every day! I just wanted to tell you about having tile put on the floor - I had hardwood laminate flooring put down a few years ago, and my aging dogs (18 and 16 years old!) have problems with this flooring, they slip around and many times fall. I wish I could afford to change it back to carpeting. Just something for you to think about!!

  10. sound like me turning the mice loose.

    The girls are so cute in their pile.


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