Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Craft Fair for Tongie

On Saturday, we had our first craft fair in Tonganoxie.  The crafters gathered in the banquet room at Bichelmeyer's Steak House, and from 10 to 2, people from all around gathered to look at the things offered for sale.  It was an experiment, really, put on by Michelle from White Horse Antiques, her sister Vicki at Bichelmeyers, and their friend Donna who banded together to try to bring something new to town.  It appeared to be well-received and I enjoyed seeing the things that had been made by local and international crafters.
These gorgeous necklaces were sold by volunteers of Project Lydia (see, representing widowed and abandoned women in Eastern Uganda.  The beautiful neclaces were made of paper, rolled tightly into beads, and then laquered to hardness.  I bought a necklace and earrings for 20.00, a true bargain.  I hope to buy some more of this colorful jewelry.  They also presented bowls and dolls, made by the same women. 
These beautiful bowls were sold by a local crafter:

And here was my friend Sherry,(center) with her wonderful hand-made cards, and some charming lapel pins she fashioned from bits of lace and pearls.

So there was everything from re-purposed clothing for kids...

to home decor made in the home by craftsmen...

It was a very successful show, and the three entrepreneurs are going to stage another on March 12, as our newspaper said in tonight's weekly edition, so we'll have a chance to do more shopping. I know some people in my family who are going to get lovely necklaces this year. 


  1. Oh very cool! I love going to craft fairs!

  2. I could spend hours looking. Nice things they made.

  3. That would have been the place for me. Craft fairs are much fun and one can get lots of good ideas!

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Beautiful things. I wish I could make things. I bought a quilling kit and hope to make some designs into cards and also use in my scrapbooking if I ever get started. LOL Mary G.

  5. Cool. Looks like fun.
    Maybe you could let me know about the next one. I'd love to see what everyone is up too.



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