Thursday, February 24, 2011


Winter is back, at least for a short while.  I came home to this:
And this....

The popholes were frozen open, but we managed to get them shut.
The odd thing is, it's not freezing cold yet, but was 31 degrees when I got home.

The little birds were snug in the little henhouse, and the new bantams are finally starting to move around, eat, and drink.  The silkies have been huddling for two days, scared of the others.  They had been kept in very tight quarters, so the henhouse must seem like a palace.  They have never been outside, but the door will be open for them as soon as the sun comes back.  They are being given scratch and protein pellets, but were given only scratch at their old home, so they are still getting used to the pellets.  The "old" birds, the originals, are used to scratch as a treat, and eagerly eat the layer pellets.  You can see the buff brahma scratching in the fortex feeder. (and the rooster eyeing them)

These guys weren't really bothered, though they are settled in their barn for the night.  They have lots of good hay to eat, and we left the hay buffet half in the barn so they can eat at their leisure.  They know how to stay out of the wind.  Here they were eating their feed for the night.
Temps are not supposed to be terrible, but I just let Lilly Ann out, and there is at least an inch to an inch and a half of snow on the deck already, in the last hour. 
C'mon Spring!


  1. Just goes to show, this old winter has still got a sting in his tail! LOve the Llama`s? Alpaca`s?

  2. I`m with you, come on Spring! We`re getting dumped on again as I type here in PA.

  3. My hens have started laying again, but the eggs have been freezing the last couple of days. Oh well, it just turns them into dog food.


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