Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday

Super Sunday promised to have rain, sleet and snow this year, but so far, we awoke to 38 degrees temps, and no frozen water overnight... NIRVANA!

I went to church yesterday afternoon again, third weekend in a row.  I have teased my sister about sleeping late for the last few years (they do the same) but I understand now why.  I commonly go at 8 on Sunday morning, meaning I get up as early as I do during the work week to do chores before going.  Now I am trying to go on Saturday afternoons at four, and it is allowing a second morning of sleeping (or at least staying in bed) a little later. 

Do you commonly say morning prayers as you awake?  My mother always did, and I do, also.  As I open my eyes I offer prayers for our family, our safety, and the safety of all my friends and loved ones.  I pray for the day to be a good one.  My mom always prayed before going to sleep at night, and I inherited her much-used envelope of prayers.  I haven't started using them in the evening as she does, but I think my time is coming.  Age and wisdom. 

Today I baked in the morning, as Nathan had spent the night with us.  As Keith went to church, Nathan and I were baking.  I made a wonderful recipe found at Farm Bell Recipes, and posted by Kelly in TX at Chickens in the Road  - called Apple Skillet, (search "Apple Skillet") it produced this beautiful casserole:

And Nathan and I each had a big ole helping:

Taken before we put the Cool Whip on it!

Nathan proceeded to have three helpings!  I had also cooked some bacon, which he loves, and along with a big glass of milk, it made a special breakfast.  We don't have something like this daily (neither does Nathan) so it was a nice treat for a Sunday, and we will make it again.

We also were gifted on Friday by good friend Vickie at my office with a nice new dog bed, which her dog Whitney would not use.  This bed was brought in yesterday afternoon, and it is very popular now!  I got up once during the night to find Lil curled up in it, and today, you can see from these pictures that it has become the place to be:

Be careful, Gert!

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments.  Lana, you are the reason I am writing something almost every day.  If I take a night off, it's because I have had a very busy day at work (and can't face the computer screen!) or because we are worn out here from weather, etc.  All of you don't know what you are doing by your encouragement and friendship, even should our paths never cross on earth, they have crossed in the ether, and sometimes that's enough to know that there are others out there whose spirits are akin to your own, who love simple things as you do, and animals who are their friends and companions.  And really, besides family to keep you warm and sane... that's all we can ask in this world.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you!


  1. I follow Chickens in the Road, I'll have to look up that Apple Skillet. I see it's in a casserole dish rather than a skillet. :-)

  2. CITR is a great blog.

    Uh oh, I see more cool dog beds in the future. Neat gift from your coworker.

  3. You just reminded me how lax I am about my morning and evening prayers. Your dogs lucked out with that bed. I did look up that recipe. I might be able to make this one. Mary G.

  4. Looks yummy!
    The dogs seem VERY happy!



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