Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Boring Chicken Post!

First off, bienvenue au Cbel2me, and a rousing Tongie hello to Suseez and Laughing Duck Farm!  Welcome to Calamity Acres, we are glad to know you!

I'm afraid this is another chicken post. 

Last night we aquired 12 pullets, and got back three hens I had given up last summer in a moment of madness.  From Cindy, whose feed bunk was featured on Sunday's post, we got a white cochin, some buff brahma pullets, 3 mixed pullets (appear to be cochin/brahma) and some blue silkies.  These little birds, who are nearly a year old, are not in lay yet, and have been raised in dark cages kept in a closed barn.  They are in the little henhouse with my little flock, and we have decided to close off the little henyard from now on, to keep all these little birds safe and in their own domain.  It was a little comical to watch them, as they had not had so much room to move around as they have now, nor access to the outside, where they have never been.  Believe, the roosters were HAPPY. 

Here they are this morning:
You can see two of the mixes on the right, the white cochin in the center, and some of the buffs and blue silkies. Silkies make such good mamas, I was glad to get them.
I hope to ramp up egg production with these girls soon.
Also coming back were Suzy and Squeaky, two elderly Old English gamebirds who spent the last 10 months in a small cage... and are now living with Butch and the three survivors in the feed room...

The three survivors are actually old enough now to go outside with the big birds, so tonight, Reddy and Eagle are on the "big" side.  Angel, the porcelain D'uccle, is still with Butch and now, Suzy and Squeaky.
And the other bird who came home to me last night was Buffy, a buff Polish hen who came here as a four month old about 2 years ago.  She was also kept in a cage, and a rooster was with her part of the time, but he died. 

When I opened the door to do chores tonight, starlings flew.  I am so tired of cleaning up after them, and they had eaten all the food in the feeder again.  (on the coop side).  As there is feed in the bedding and the birds had access to outside, there was no harm done for the few hours, and it will be filled tonight.  I swear that Buffy remembered her former home... she paced the divider wall (behind her here) to get into the coop side, and I finally let her through.  She is out there roosting now, with the other birds, so all is well in her world.  She has not been able to roost until last night, when she stood on a ladder and slept all night.

Rain is coming tomorrow, and after it, the chance of snow. I know many of you have been hit again, and I am so sorry for all of you.  Please pray tonight for the people of New Zealand.  For many years I have had an email friend from there, Nell Sommervell.  I have not heard from her yet, but she is an actress and is married to the manager of a stud.  I am hoping she and her family are all safe from harm tonight, but the country and people need our prayers.  Keith's hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa, is also in peril tonight, and much of it is under water, so those good folks also need our prayers.

We are drawing up final plans for our chicken house, and Paula from Fraker Farms was kind enough to send me pictures of their wonderful divided henhouse to give us some more good ideas!  Thank you so much, Paula!


  1. What a wonderful name your friend from New Zealand has...I am praying that she is well and her family. Such awful news from there tonight. I hadn't heard about troubles in Iowa. My bil is from there and his parents are still there.

    Hope that your new hens and your new again hens are doing well. I know that you can't wait to get those starlings cleared out of there. They are going to eat you out of house and home. Good thing that spring is on its way no matter the temporary setbacks.

  2. Awww... you're very welcome, dear. Anytime I can share something to help another chickie lover, I'll do it!
    All your new flock members are so beautiful- but I have to say, Buffy is my favorite. I have a soft spot for the top hatters.
    Praying for the people in New Zealand as well... so sad.

  3. Praying for people in New Zealand, Fort Dodge and people in the Middle East who are trying to gain their freedom. Sending up prayers to God who watches over us all.

    Thanks to you and your blog...I am learning a lot about farm life. LOL Mary G.

  4. Thanks for the chicken posts! I find them interesting and helpful as I a just starting out. :) Have a great weekend.

  5. Don't apologize for chicken posts; I may get some biddies this year and write a few chicken posts myself!

  6. This is a good post. I have to say... all the name dropping made my head spin... I don't know a pullet from a hen... or a smoothie from a silkie. I'm WAS excited about getting some chickens soon...but now, I'm not so sure. I guess I have some more studying. I'm off to Fraker Farms to see how she does with her chickens.


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