Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Nifty Hay Bunk

Today Nathan and I went over to friend Cindy's to look at some chickens she has for sale.  While there we noticed that she had a nifty new hay bunk, which she designed and her husband built for her.  I asked Nathan to take pictures of it while Cindy and I visited.
You can see how very sturdy this feed bunk is.

I would have some qualms about goats horns being caught in it, if it were mine (and we had horned goats), but she commented that she has wasted MUCH less hay this winter with the new feed bunk, and the little goats seemed happy and healthy.
As we were leaving, Nathan made the aquaintance of Cindy's emu:

Notice his hands are hidden... I teased him that the emu nipped and he immediately covered his hands! He didn't want to get TOO close.


  1. Neat feeder, but I woul think horns could get caught. Cute pic of Nathan. Mary G.

  2. Great feeder! You can always trim horns,

  3. Oooo neat hay feeder! We disbud here so horns are no worry but you can trim them if need be.

  4. I just love cool ideas that people have. So much better than anything you can buy. I am going to have to try it.


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