Friday, February 25, 2011


A kitten with a length of string
Is such a pretty, playful thing
A kitten with a leaf to chase
Exhibits beauty, form and grace
But I love kittens curled up, wise,
With ancient mystery in their eyes.

       Salvatore Marsiglia
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  1. Oh I just love this kitten post. They are hard to beat and I love a cat in the house--they make it so cozy :)
    Hey friend, I invite you to follow Verde Farm if you get a chance. Thanks so much for linking up with FFF--there are some great posts this week too :)

  2. Cats or kittens, Mmmm? We have ours wandering about somewhere.

  3. I love the picture that so perfectly illustrates the poem.

  4. That is so cute. What is it with cats and bags? They all seem to love them. B

  5. Hi Ho...this is Sophie and I'm your newest follower..I am learning about kitties and it looks like you may be of assistance. Wisdom of the ages coursing through their little veins...Cheers!

  6. Kittens are just the sweetest wise windows into the great universal mysteries.

  7. Oh, so sweet and the same colors as my Caity-Bug!!


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