Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

Here's Butch, eating a treat.  He won't get to go outside right away... he has a 4 x 4 pen with a tarp roof, but right now, that pen is solid mud underneath.  As soon as it dries out a little, he'll get to enjoy the fresh air, but for now, he's still King of the Feed Room.  He likes to eat on top of the rabbit hutch.  There was a plastic trash bag there, waiting to be used, but Libby has started laying an egg on it daily, so for now, it's staying as a nest and Butch is having his treat on it.  His bad eye has opened, after being closed for months, but appears to be dead, though he can see fine out of the other.

I thought I had posted this video last night before going to bed... but when I checked at work today, it was not posted.  I don't know if it was tired me, or Blogger, so my apologies. 
Our friend the big black rat snake is still hunting in the henhouse.  I found him today curled up by one of the buckets we use as nests.  I keep checking that I still have all my bantams in the big henhouse, and hope he doesn't get one, but goes for the mice instead. 
None of my friends can believe we have a snake awake in the henhouse this early, especially since a week ago tonight it got down to 7 below zero here. 
The snow has almost all melted here now, and we are expecting temps in the 60's tomorrow, so are going to leave windows open for the day to try to air some of this house and it's winter smells out. 

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