Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick One for Monday Night

Happy Valentines Day!  My sweet Keith sent roses to my office... the oldest on the floor, I was one of two who had flowers delivered, and was mighty surprised!  Chocolates came with them, for a nice treat!
I guess I should have put the Mylanta away before I took the picture.
I came home to do chores, and found this in the henhouse:

Still hunting... I have one hen, Dovey, who will be five this year.  She and her sister Rosewitha look like twins, but Dovey has lost most of her toes.  She has trouble walking now, and no longer can roost.  She nests in one of the nest boxes hanging on the wall.  I am hoping he does not get her tonight, since he's obviously still hungry.  Maybe he'll find enough mice.
In the duck house, which sits behind the big henhouse, some of the little hens liked to lay.  I always check it.  Tonight I opened the pophole on the side, and saw two black wings.  I went and got the rake, and pulled them out... black chicken wings.  I laid them on the roof of the house, and tomorrow morning I'll go out and count heads.  Someone is gone.  I suspect a raccoon, because possums usually just bite the heads off, but Keith thinks maybe a fox.  I can't believe it would go in the duck house to eat it's meal, though. There was nothing in there but the two wings, separated.  I had a nice black cochin hen with the frizzle gene, and I hope it is not her.  I'll know by tomorrow morning.


  1. The flowers are beautiful. Keith is a very thoughtful person. Chris presented me with a teddy bear atop a box of Russell Stover's.

  2. That's sweet of Keith. Hey, my hubby got me a new wheelbarrow!!! haha, one lady told him that's awful romantic of you. he said that's what I said I wanted.

    Sorry about the bird. Maybe you could run some hardware cloth or some type of boards around your hen house to keep the preditors out.

  3. The roses are beautiful.

    It's always a shock coming in on a snake - especially a big one. I had too many in my little barn and got them all out a couple of years ago. Big mistake. I've had a couple of copperheads in there since and am very happy to have one black snake back.

    I thought possums usually ate the abdomen and racoons pulled heads off. But with only two wings left, it doesn't sound like either one of those were the culprit.

    It's always sad to lose one at any rate.


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