Monday, April 25, 2016

What a Weekend!

Friday was my first day back at the Ag Hall on my regular Friday 

We did have a few visitors, but the volunteers and staff were 
running around trying to do the last-minute things necessary for 
Barnyard Babies on Saturday. 

We had had rain threatening all week, but lo and behold, 
Saturday dawned beautifully. 

And the crowds came.  Oh, they came.  

The wonderful exhibitors, many of whom had come before, were so 
very kind to all of the visitors. 

There were tiny chicks. (hard to see) 

Calves to pet (many calves!) 

Alpaca crias! 

Sweet little piglets! 

A giant bee! 

The Mustang Lady was back with her gorgeous horse... 

And her husband had their adopted burro and let many little kids sit on it's back. 

He was so patient (the burro!) 

Our blacksmith, Ken, was on duty in the blacksmith shop.  

I asked him to take a break for a second to get his picture! 

These wonderful oxen from the Mahaffie Stagecoach Museum in Olathe 
came to demonstrate for us again. 
Thanks Johnson County Parks and Rec! 

More puppet fun! 

Paws Crossed dog rescue had their puppy kissing booth there. 

Streetcat Rescue was there too, but I just realized I did not get any pictures of their cats! 

Just their rescuers! 

We had food trucks with all kinds of goodies, and the Bonner Springs Fire Department was 
on duty, and actually had to treat a gentleman. 

Days like this cannot happen without the help of many, many volunteers who gave their 
time in the weeks leading up to the event... the men worked on building maintenance and cut the grass and trimmed everything up beautifully.  While the crowd was enjoying the animals I showed you and many more, our railroad crew was hard at work, laying new track.  The visitors were given hayrides in lieu of the train rides we normally have. 

As if it were magic, at three o'clock, the crowds disappeared, the exhibitors packed up... and 
I drove around getting trash.  There was VERY little on the grounds, bravo to our visitors... and 
the exhibitors all cleaned up after themselves.  

All in all, it was a wonderful, if tiring, day. 

See you all next year! 


  1. I'm glad your event turned out so fantastic. Nice thing for the children to be able to participate at!

  2. A fete like that would take many volunteers to make it a success. Glad the weather held and all went well !

  3. what a great event. i love those piggies!

  4. Well that looked like a lot of fun. What a nice way to spend a Saturday. :)

  5. MA!Thank you SO MUCH for inviting Paws Crossed Inc to Barnyard Babies! We had so much fun and the puppies got some adoption applications!! Hope to see you next year!

    Thank you again! xoxo Jill

  6. Wow, what a fun event!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. What fun!!! We would love to go to an event like that!
    Thank you for your kind words on our blog! Please stay safe tonight!
    Cammie and Mags


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