Thursday, April 7, 2016

Short One Tonight

Well, I have to start off mentioning American Idol's (almost) finale... since
Ryan Seacrest signed off... 

"Good night 

For now."

It's coming back, folks. 

I liked Trent, but how the HECK did he win over 
LaPorsha???  She'll have a contract before the end of the week, 
she's truly great. 

I took a few pictures today... and I'll give you an example of how 
light can work against you. 

I went to a meeting of the Zoning Comission in Tonganoxie tonight. 

I took the big lens with me. 

Here's an example of how sun can work against you. 

The sun was very bright, and I did not take time to adjust the camera's settings, so 
I pretty much ruined the picture.  That was at the Big Ditch. 

I was really surprised not to find little ducks in it. 

Here is light working with me, this morning, on our back fence. 

And here... can you see the plover? 

The farm pond is getting dangerously low.  I'm praying that we get a lot of rain soon. 

Can you see him in the water here? 

I only had the medium lens with me this morning when the dogs and I walked. 
I made a second pass with the long lens when I was doing errands, but he was gone by then. 
I loved watching them last summer. 

I know people along this road think I'm NUTS. 

I'm constantly jumping out of the car to take pictures. 

I could see something in the distance on a pond in the middle of a pasture. 
I got out of the car with the big lens and took a look... it was a flock of blue-winged teal. 
There were twice this many. 
I watched them dunking and swimming for a while.  
Another road where they think I'm nuts. 

I saw the Northern Harrier again, but it was a fly-by. 

When I got back by the little pond, look what I found! 

More teal, no plover. 

Off went one. 

I thought he was leaving... but... 

He was just joining a friend!  


  1. Have you ever thought of working surveillance for an insurance company?? know so many birds. stella rose

  2. Haven't seen any posts about your old place in a long while. Are you still fixing it up or has it been sold?

  3. Still got off some good shots! We wish we had a pond but it is too dry for such a thing and they are not common.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I just love your duck shots!! Light can be such a fickle friend!!

  5. Excellent photos of all the birds,, all of them,, ducks too
    What pond is that? Is it at your new house?

  6. It's interesting how much difference light makes. Adjusting lenses is something I've never had the opportunity to do much of except for the zoom feature on my camera. Nothing fancy like yours. Snow again here. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  7. I never started watching American Idol. Then our news showed that Trent and LaPorsha were both from MS. So I watched the last episode.

    lol... I asked the hubby if he had heard that the last 2 contestants were from MS. He named them. I said how in the world did you remember their names. (He CANNOT remember names).....He said cause he use to work on Porsche car's as a mechanic....


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