Friday, April 1, 2016

At the Park and Along the Way

My dogs are bullies. 

Keith and I have to spell P.A.R.K. and we can't spell 
W.A.L.K. any more, because they know what that means!

When they decide it's time we need to go, they start following me around and 
staring at me, or nudging me.  Lilly is the WORST. 

I had some errands to do early this morning, then came home to get the bullies. 

Happy now, because we are at the park. 

(Sorry for the date, but I need to leave it on the little point and shoot for a while) 

It was 50 degrees out, with the sun in and out of clouds, but... there was a cold wind blowing. 

We have walked at the park so much that I can identify the parts of the path in our pictures! 

You know we have to stop and check the pee mail. 
Many times. 

The Basehor community gardens share space in the park, and the public works department has been over to do the tilling for the season. 

That mulch smells good! 

Two weeks ago today, benches were installed at each of the turns on the new track. 

This is the "old park" side.... and in the distance, the new park with it's big walking trail.  There are only young trees on that side.  2 and a half trips around the old park is one mile, but as near as I can figure, one full circuit of old and new is equal to a mile, and that's what we try to do daily. 

Sometimes, Lil wears out.  Then we go home. 

We saw this little guy on our way.  He was trying to hit the milk bar. 

Mom kept walking (see how dirty my window is?) 

Our pastures have greened up nicely in Leavenworth County. 

The sun came out (and I rolled the window down)... and she was STILL walking. 

He finally got to drink for a few minutes. 

While their friends watched. 

A meadowlark was watching, too. 

When we got home, I took a few pictures out the back door. 

It amazes me how the birds can rest on the wires. 

This dove was waiting for a chance at the feed.  There are VERY few starlings coming down because of the grackles, cowbirds and red-wings. 

But there's the starling behind her. 

I took the one feeder down today, and removed the suet cage. 

I did put a little feed out. 

I'm going to see how things go for a few days without putting the 
feeder up.  I had long since taken the second winter feeder down, and the nyger feeder, because 
the finches won't come with the big birds here. 

Tomorrow is a work day at the Ag Hall of Fame, so I am going to go 
over in the morning and clean for a few hours, preparatory to our 2016 

I hope to take some pictures while I'm there. 

Everyone have a great weekend! 


  1. Our Dachshund is the same way. Love the shots of the calves. We raised Polled Herefords when I was a kid.

  2. You do have a wonderful place to walk there. It's no wonder the dogs love to go. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Ag Hall of Fame sounds like a great place to do some serious sniffing! We move the cow and calf photos.

  4. Its funny about spelling words,,,,
    some words in my house get spelled too.

  5. hahaha, Lillie and Jester are too smart !


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