Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mash Up

Lots of things to talk about today. 

First... I have to say thank you for all the lovely comments about 
our anniversary... we appreciate them. 

No, we have not been married a long time, we were 
both married before years ago, Keith had four children and I had two. 

All are grown or gone. 

We are blessed with 11 grandkids, from 6 months to almost 25 years. 

The dogs and I have walked early in the morning all week... we may wait a little later tomorrow, as it makes for a long day for them.  Lilly is begging even as I type this to go again. 

I have something to show you today before I show you any animal pictures. 

Our house is now about 16 years old, it was built in 2000.  We are the third owners. 
It's time for updates, but, like everyone else... we have to accumulate the where-with-all to do so. 

Here is one thing that needs to be updated: 

That is in the master bathroom, it is a whirlpool tub that was all the rage in 2000. 
Keith used it twice when we moved here, and he is now unable to immerse himself 
ever again, because of his dialysis device.  I will not get in it except to clean... it is deep and dangerous to step over the side.  There is a shower in this bathroom. 

I want you to notice something. 

Am  I dreaming?  It appears the tub slants down, or maybe the jets are made to be 
in an ascending order. 

I put water in it, because I have read that the whirlpool needs to be used once in a while, to keep 
mold and mildew from growing in the jets.  UGH. 
They look icky to me. 

I turned them on... they appear to still work fine, but, as I said... I don't like to even step into it to clean... much less take a bath in it.  It takes a LOT of water. 

My dream is to have this taken out, put a big shower in its place (there is a shower and tub in the second bathroom upstairs) and put a deep linen closet where the shower now stands.  Not showing you the shower... it has a glass door that cannot be kept clean.  That's the next project... taking that door down!   I have watched a couple of demonstrations of it... and it's doable. 

Enough of this. 

My gosh, the dogs are so spoiled, they are both begging me now. 

The park is almost seven miles from here, and I am not up to a second walk today. 

We did go early today, when it was only 50 out.  The wind was blowing hard, and I had a light jacket on... it was COLD. 
We were the only ones there. 

Look what we saw on the way. 

I was actually on the phone with Keith when I saw him.  I was on gravel, and was able to stop... I yelled into the phone that I had to STOP TALKING and hung up.  
It was just the perfect time. 

He was a little undecided about whether he should display again... he was showing off for the hen you can just see behind him. 

After a minute, he decided I was not a threat, and went on booming. 

He was a very mature tom. 

Lest you think I have magical photography skills... 

They were in the exact same spot an hour later when we went home. 

Same camera.  No idea.  No idea. 

Maybe I was just in a hurry. 

Be thankful we have these wonderful birds. 
This was very near the park . 

I hated to interrupt him. 

Same (busy) street, I saw a crane coming overhead.  I had to get stopped safely and quickly, and get the camera up. 

He was already over us by the time I jumped out of the car.  

I'm keeping my eye out for them. 

We went a little different way home, and by these horses. 

Horse friends, if there is a spot on the rump, is it still a Medicine Hat? 

I never see these horses ridden, and as you see, they rarely are groomed. 

We saw yesterday's group wayyyy out in the middle of a field. 
That was about as good as it got for them. 


  1. Wow, you were sure lucky to get those shots! Now, you really have my attention on the jetted tub. We built our house in 2000 and the builder threw in the tub. We have only used it a few times although the past few years I have actually been thinking about getting in it lol! I would love to yank it out too but a window would stop me from being able to extend the shower. Good luck!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley & Mom

  2. Wow, the nature around your house is amazing. I dreamed of a jetted tub forever, and at first was disappointed to only have a claw footed tub in our house. Turns out I love it. I haven't had a shower for months, I spend a lot of evenings soaking in the tub!

  3. First, I'm with you on the jetted tubs; I won't even use a hot tub these days. Secondly, the header photo is beyond lovely.

  4. I am not familiar with the term Medicine Hat. I'm guessing that is a Paint horse but not positive. Brett and I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary this year -- like you, not our first marriages and kids on both sides, all grown up -- although mine are younger than his and did live with us while his were already grown and out of the house when we married.

  5. That turkey picture would make a lovely Thanksgiving card. He is a beauty. You are blessed with so much to see close by. Here I only have a the birds at the feeder and and our neighbor hood squirrel who never stays around long enough to get a picture of.

  6. we have one of those tubs and I wish we had never put it in. as a matter of fact, when we get back to working on our master bath I think I'm going to have the hubby take it out.

    Great turkey pictures Mary Ann.

    I'm not sure about the medicine hat markings because I'm not a paint horse person. lol....if you say Jolie after an afternoon of free time in the pasture, you'd think she was a black or red horse instead of a gray horse

  7. I like your new header. You always take the most amazing pictures on your walking adventures. I bet you take a lot in June.
    stella rose

  8. We never saw a big turkey like that! So cool. Glad you guys had a nice anny
    Lily & Edward

  9. What WONDERFUL photos of the displaying tom!!!

  10. I think a closet is the best answer about removing that tub.
    Beauitiful photos!


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