Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Bright, Shiny (Windy) Day

Cold this morning, especially with the wind blowing. 

I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind! 

I went to the Ag Hall to help with the first clean-up day, prior to 
our first event of the season on the 23rd... Barnyard Babies. 

Right before leaving, I saw ducks land on the pond. 

I ran for the camera, but did not have the really long lens with me. 

These are Northern Shovelers, I think... the male's heads are green, 
but you can't tell.  They were way across the pond. 

There were about ten of them, all told. 

I cropped this picture way down so you could see them dabbling for food... they were bottoms up, over and over.  

They were beautiful ducks. 

They weren't the only birds there. 

Fie on thee, blackbirds. 

On my way to church, I saw these two. 

Can you see them? 

Cropped way down. 

On my way home from church, I stopped to see how Mama was. 

She looks fine! 

That's some nest! 

This kestrel was just down the road from her. 

The little pond was beautiful this evening, but the heron was no where to be seen. 

And our happy Jester says "Good night!" 


  1. Enjoy it while you have it. We're having another seige of near winter in my neck of the woods.

  2. It was a very windy day here. Sorry to say our winds brought considerable snow. We had to travel home from our family gathering with very low visibility from the snow and the wind blowing hard. Thankfully everyone got home safe and sound. Seeing that nest made me think of the saying about feathering our nest. Wonder if mama there has made it soft and downy for her eggs.

  3. it was so windy here that it blew off the door on my potting shed. crazy weather, we now have snow!

  4. It is really cold and windy here too. Water is still frozen. Feel bad for the wildlife.

  5. All the geese in the ponds are so beautiful!
    Is that one bird , a robin? If it is,, its thinner than our robins

  6. Jester is such a cutie. A lot of really good pictures.


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