Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Caught Me Out!

Caught me out and the joke is on me. 

What on EARTH was I thinking. 

Wendy and friend Gail (At the Farm)....

yes, they are indeed... 


Not tomatoes. 

I have started my own seeds for at least six years. 

You would think I would be on top of it. 

Here's a picture I took today outside: 

More marigold seedlings coming up in that planter. 


Thank you, ladies. 

There's a better picture of the Harvest Goddess I took today.  See why she was hidden away for many, many years? 

She is proudly on display now. 

This morning, I took the dogs out when I went out to get the paper. 

I opened the hatch of my car as I did, so I could load some things in it before 

A few minutes later, I realized Lilly had not followed me back to the door, and 
I went out and whistled and called for her.  

She didn't come, so I went back in the house and out to the deck, and whistled and called. 
You see, she has only ran off twice since we moved here, and it frightens me when she does it. 

I got worried, so I got Jes and we loaded up, as I swung the hatch shut and we started 
down the street.  

We got about 3 houses away, and I was looking right and left for Lil.... 
and a movement caught my eye. 

She was calmly sitting in the back seat, she had jumped in through the hatch. 

I shrieked. 

We went back. 

She would not get out of the car. 

I put her lead on. 

She would not get out of the car. 

I laughed and Jes and I went in and had breakfast, and then 
came back out and we all went to the park and had our walk early.  

She's a smart girl. 

The pretty turkey girl above is the one we have been watching for days.  Yesterday, there were two other girls with her. 

This morning when we came home, we saw her again. 

Their colors are wonderful, and they blend right in with the colors of nature. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw Big Mama off her eggs this morning.  I immediately looked for little heads. 

After I dropped the dogs at home, I switched to the longer Tamron lens, 
and went back by on my way over to the Ag Hall. 

There she was, sitting down tight. I don't know if we have a
hatch, or she is still incubating. 
We are expecting a storm tonight, with thunder and the 
whole nine yards, so I am glad she is hunkered down.  

I'll be watching the nest closely the next few days. 

Speaking of the Ag Hall, here are some of the new little pullets they are raising. 
The little coop is not big enough for these, so 
there is a brand new Poulet Chalet in the chore barn you see.  The enclosed yard will be made bigger, and a pophole put in the side of the building for access. 

Things are a little behind as we get ready for the opening day on Saturday.... but the volunteer builders will get caught up soon. 

I'll take some closeup pictures next week, they are lovely little birds. 

Not all my pictures come out well. 

Here's proof... a lovely picture of a fence post.  


  1. But it's a very lovely fence post!

  2. Just goes to show...we see what we expect to see:) and that is a very artistic fence post.

  3. Lilly played a joke on you! Well,, so good she was not lost!

  4. Incidentally, the Mighty Dachshund sometimes comes and tells us when it's time for a ride in the truck. Sometimes, I think they own US, not the other way around! Lily got her message across!

  5. Lily Ann, are you trying to give Mary Ann a heart attack.
    Can't be too mad at a smart girl like her.

    Love the pictures.

  6. Too funny about the mistaken identity of the marigolds. The harvest goddess picture is beautiful. So glad they uncovered it.

  7. So the goddess lady will help your tomatoes grow right?
    Lily & Edward

  8. LOL! Crop that fence post and it will be just fine . . . kinda fine BOL! Too funny about those "tomato" starts!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Heck we would have been waiting for green tomato's to appear...lol..........stella rose

  10. LOL! That would be a wait and a half for tomatoes! Actually, I was wondering what VARIETY of tomato that was with those leaves!


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