Sunday, April 10, 2016

Some Answers and Some Pictures

Diane asked on Friday "What about your old house?  
Do you still have it?" 

A year ago yesterday, the old house was being painted, and new windows installed. 

Bulbs (and little trees) were coming up in the flower beds. 

I was caring for two groups of chickens belonging to a friend. 

And I was still feeding on the old flat feeder.  Just to look at these pictures takes me back there. 

However, Diane... I will be glad to bring everyone up to date on what happened after this. 

In the spring, we were approached by a young man who wanted to buy our house and land.  He was the nephew of friends.  

We made an agreement that we would buy all the materials if he would do the work fixing it up, because we knew that it would not pass a bank inspection.  You see, we made the mistake of spending 10 years pouring money into animals and outside improvements, and neglected our little farmhouse. 

So, we had a handshake agreement and some work started.  Keith put in one window, and our young man, the rest... and painted the house.  (as well as many other things inside the house) 

Summer came, and went.   In July (I was still going out daily)... we signed a contract for the sale... with the closing date at the end of September. 

September came.  Work had stopped, and other than a rare sighting, nothing was being done. 

We contacted the young man, and he asked if he could rent the house for a while. 
So.... that is where we are.  He is renting. 

The contract for sale is no longer in force.  We bought at the high end of the market in 2005, and 
we were going to sell for less than we owed.  

For now... we wait. 

Would we move back? 

It is my heart house... does not suit our needs now. 

I have had a wonderful weekend of taking pictures... and so much fun doing so. 

I saw some teal on the little pasture pond yesterday, and pulled the car over. 

The plover was there, and this little duck was going to go look at it...

Uh oh. 

Then he thought better of it.  

Little dramas all around us. 

I saw these beautiful lilacs. 

Oddly enough, they had hardly any scent. 

We are still enjoying our daily walks, and when Lilly hears me say 

"Let's get in the car", 
she comes a-running! 


  1. Some things change, that's for sure.

  2. Very sad to hear about the story of your farm house. I know the pain when we leave our heart filled house. Beautiful pics...

  3. Oh the lilacs,,, !!

  4. I'm glad at least that the house is occupied and not sitting empty. It was a lot of work for you with going back and forth all the time. I have wondered what happened so thanks for the update. Looks like Lily is doing better and glad she is enjoying the walks.

  5. it's good that at least it is rented and by someone you know!

  6. We hope the house is resolved to your satisfaction and you can recoup some of the investment! Now about those lilacs . . . mom bought 2 "high fragrance" lilac bushes a few years ago. And they don't smell either! Sheesh . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Thanks for your update on the house. I've been wondering as well since there haven't been any stories of you going out there. I hope the young man is taking good care of the property -- it seemed like a lot of work. Everything grows so fast where you live!

  8. I hope it will all work out in the long run on the house.

    Those Lilacs are beautiful. They do not do well here in MS.

    Lily Ann is such a beautiful girl.


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