Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Great Day for Pictures

Oh, what a peaceful Sunday we have had. 
I went to church last night, so was able to sleep in a little this morning, til 

Keith came upstairs and asked me if I wanted to go take pictures at Wyandotte County Lake. 

I need to explain.  
I have grown up going to this lake all my life.  I drove around it many times. 

My brother Pete fished it for many years. 

But.... now I am afraid to go by myself when I want to use my 
big, big Tamron lens for pictures.  I am afraid of someone knocking me 
down and taking the camera.   I always stay at the front of the lake where there are a lot of people, but still. 

Anyway... Keith drove me today and stayed with me. 

The gulls were gone, so we're going to have a lot of geese, but that was okay. 

This male drove another male off the beach... I was not looking at them and 
heard Keith chuckle, and just barely got them. 

I heard Keith suck in his breath and say "Oh, no". 

This is what he was looking at.  She was hobbling terribly, but 
WAS hobbling.... and eating... 

Can you see her left leg?  It is terribly swollen.  I tried to see 
if there was line wrapped around it... it looked like it had to 
be something like that... but I could not tell. 

She made it down to the water's edge.  

There are no park rangers any more, the sheriff sends deputies through there several times a day, but it's not like "The old days" when you could get a ranger, who would check on the geese. 

Redbuds are budding everywhere now. 

I was able to get some good head studies. 

I got some other good pictures today, but I am going to save them for the next 
few days. 

"Call the Midwife" premieres tonight on Public TV, followed by 
Episode Two of "Grantchester", two of my very favorite series! 

It will be a good Sunday evening! 


  1. Hi, and thanks for visiting our blog. We did have all that wind today. We walked our way through and made sure Mom held tightly to our leashes so she wouldn't blow away. You have some beautiful photos here. Hope that geese will be OK.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. We had a crippled Canada live down on the creek a couple years. each spring, its mate returned and they'd raise some young ones. However, after staying long past normal departure, the mate would finally leave. A neighbor thought he'd try to give it an easier life and caught it and put it in his garage with his two tame ones for the winter, but something broke into the garage and killed all three.

  3. What a beautiful group of Spring photos!! What lens did you use to take them?? I am looking for a big prime lens, and these photos are great!

  4. I hope that goose does okay too. Poor thing,.. It makes me sad to see hurt ducks,, or gulls or anything hurting.
    Beautiful photos Mary Ann,, very beautiful

  5. I'm sorry I missed the new opener of Call of the midwives. I think I had it set to tape, I hope so. The pictures are all great . Glad your Keith went out with you. More cold and probably snow coming our way here. Maybe next week we'll have some Spring weather.

  6. We saw one lone goose at the lake yesterday. I felt sorry for it, told the hubby it must have lost it's mate.

    I'm not familiar with either of those shows.

    Good pictures Mary Ann.

  7. What a gentleman; blessings on Keith! Seeing hurting animals is SO hard....

  8. You got some great shots! We also enjoy the Midwife series but have never watched Grantchester. Maybe we need to check it out! That goose leg looks terrible. That is very sad!

    Murphy & Stanley


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