Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday, the Calm before the Storm

Somehow, I have to get through the next three days.  Everyone please remember me in your prayers, won't you?  It's going to be an ordeal, I can't say why.

Just some observations tonight:

The grass in our yard has begun "crunching" when we walk through it, this is how badly we need rain. At this point, June will see the yard in dormancy, long before it normally is.  Rain was predicted for this week, and even for my sister's visitation and funeral, I wish we would get some. 

Here is a line from an ad running in Kansas City Craigslist tonight :

"POA Brood mare 8 years old Blue roan, very genital. Will let you come up to her in the field, and put halter on." 

Don't know if we want a genital mare around here, it could get pretty rowdy.

And from the same ad:

"Non of these ponies are broke to ride, they have all been used for beading."

I keep envisioning a pony sweatshop! 

As it happens, I love ponies, and always have.  I know people think they are a pain in the neck to care for, but I always wanted ponies, and was so lucky to have Beau, the best pony in the world. 

Keith's shoulder is slowly coming back to normal, so with Chris here this weekend, he is going to try to work on the roof of the new henhouse again.  I asked him to please get the boards ready and ATTACH the equipment this time so there will be no fall from the platform. 

Here are the llamas, enjoying their breakfast in the early morning light.  It was a beautiful day here today, and did not get terribly hot.

You can just see the three turkeys in this shot. As normal, Clarabelle (aka Sherman) is patiently waiting for me to finish chores.  They had already had their treats... there is still a little bread on the ground, and Rambo and the hens are eating.  Annabelle is under the tree, and Jackson by the ramp to the pophole. The girl turkeys are bedeviling some of the hens, especially Buffy, the poor Polish hen.  I am trying to sort things out.

Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of the garden, and do a "State of the Garden" post.  Should be interesting!  Am not sure what time I will get the post done, as the visitation lasts until 8, and then I must take someone home.  I'll try to get it finished tomorrow night.

Until then!  



  1. Oh yes,, I will remember you in my prayers. So much going on in your life.
    and I will also pray for some rain to water your crunchy grass!
    The lamas look like they are having a very nice breakfast.
    The chickens and turkeys look like they are having a meeting.

  2. I'm sending you my good thoughts to help you through. Best of luck. I'm pulling for you.

    The horse ad was very funny, by the way. I wonder how horses are at beading? Seems to me that they wouldn't have the hands for it. :O

  3. they didn't proof read their ad did they?


    Take care and know that you are in my heart.

    The idiot ex put a ad in the paper to sell the ford bronco. It read year, make, etc. and then said "worn wench" and not Warn winch....either he or the person taking the ad must have been trying to be cute.

  4. Praying the next few days the Lord is with you. We had crunchy grass until just before Memorial Day. Watering the garden was getting old!

  5. Funny ads! I agree that we need rain here in MO. We got a wee bit here in mid-MO, but need much more. I pray that all will go well for you the next few days. Take care!

  6. Sometimes you just have to wonder how proofreaders get in to the newspaper business if they can't spell. Prayers for your family - take care.


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