Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Evening

We did not get much more rain than we did last night, despite heavy clouds most of the day.  It's hot... 91... and very, very humid, too humid for the pugs to go out for more than a minute.  I sweated through the chores tonight.  In fact, tomorrow morning I'm going to raise the heat lamps way up above the chicks... they are a month old now, and I think would be fine in the heat of the day without the lights.  Then tomorrow night I'll raise them up higher, so the chicks don't roast.

Butch, my pet rooster, loves to roost on top of the bantam trough where he can keep warm in the light at night.

So far, there is still only one chick in the doghouse in the pen in the pasture.

The two brown mamas moved the eggs back into the corner, but I saw them when they both got up to get some water.  The Mille mama actually went outside to poop and get water, so I have a feeling that none of the other eggs will hatch, for whatever reasons.

Click on this to make it bigger, and you'll see two baby bunnies hiding in the grass!

I know some of you are wondering about my sister.

Kathleen is still with us, but still so very ill.  I am going over tomorrow to spend some time at her bedside, as it is too hard for her to talk to people now.  It is so hard to see her like this,  and I pray that she does not have to wait long to go to her heavenly home. 


  1. Those bunnies sure camouflage themselves quite cute!
    Prayers for your family...

  2. keeping you all in thought and prayers as your family perpares to send Kathleen home..... on a lighter note, thanks for the chicken education... I pick up quite a few little tips from your posts and I am grateful for that.... hope your holiday weekend is relaxing and fun....

  3. With this humidity right now, it's not fit for pug, pom or human out there! Stay cool, my friend.

  4. Cute bunnies. Still praying for your sister and you. Mary G.


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