Thursday, May 10, 2012

More is blooming in the garden and around the yard now. 

We have several mulberry trees on our property, and I love mulberrys.  They are the only fruiting tree (besides walnuts) that were in our yard when I was little.  Actually, the tree was in a neighbor's yard, but it's branches hung over ours, and I loved picking and eating them.  I love to drive under the hanging branches and eat them while I'm mowing now.  These are ripe almost a month early.
I also found out that Chris had trimmed this tree back hard, and only this branch is hanging where I can reach them now.  Luckily, there is another tree with huge berries about ten feet from this one.

The llamas have trimmed our two mulberry trees in the pasture back so far, that I can't reach any on them.

Baby apples are forming on our apple trees, but I'll pick them off tonight.  We need to wait another year before letting them bear fruit.

Here is the bird feeding station, with the niger seed feeders hanging off to the left.  A lone sunflower is blooming here, wayyyyy early.  It's important to still feed the wild birds during the spring, as their feed in the wild has not matured.  Besides, I love to watch them.  As you can see, the row of irises that have given almost a month of pleasure are finally dying down.  The bed to the left (behind the overgrown grass) needs severe weeding, I noticed it last night when I was mowing.  I'll work on it tonight after I mow the last of the front yard.


  1. We got a few mulberry trees and I have 2 post set for next week about them.

    Your berries look bigger than ours.

  2. How old do you let your apple trees get before you let them bear fruit?

    Love the sunflower!

    1. Wendy, the nursery told us to not let them bear for three years after planting... so we are going to do that, to keep them healthy and bearing for many years to come!

  3. Good morning..
    Ya know something? I've never, ever eaten a mulberry.
    Do you make jam with them?

    1. I can't ever get any into the house!

  4. Oh, I wanna mulberry tree!!! I burn mulberry potpourri all the time. Shoot, if I had a tree...I could make my own!

    Your apple tree is lookin' good. Bet it's had to pick those bad babies off and wait another year.

    God bless ya and have yourself a remarkable day sweetie!!! :o)


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