Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mixed Up Tuesday

We're about to move on from irises in the garden... but I hope all these early blooms don't mean that there will be no flowers this summer.

The beautiful red snaps in the middle were bought at the end of the season at Howard Pine Nursery in Lawrence (Ks)... the little lady at the counter told me "They will reseed themselves"... Man, did they EVER!  And, as you can see, they are beauties!  Red cup and yellow eye, very bright and cheery.  The mums in the middle are slowly getting crowded out.  I need to get in there this weekend and work in it some more.  I never seem to get caught up when the kids are here. 
Tomato "Parks Whopper" in the hoop house.  I have grown this tomato for years, and Keith picked it up this year without realizing that.  It is probably four feet high at this point.

I do not know the name of this pepper plant, but I'm staking it tomorrow night, though it's stem seems sturdy.  It's getting awfully tall.

Here is something we learned about the hoop house...we should have put a gravel base in, or sand.  Grass has grown up around the planters, and it's a pain to keep down.  We'll know better next year.

And here are two of the four romaine lettuces.  It appears two rotted out at the roots... overwatering?  We aren't sure, but we are noting all this.  The outside romaine is still half this size, and these are heading up.
That's another pepper plant next to it.


  1. Impressive! Everything is thriving!!

    Love those tomato plants, and the snapdragon is beautiful.

    Catch ya later...

  2. Looking good! (my Park's Whopper is only about a foot high!) Things are sure growing at your house!


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