Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not As Smart As I Thought I Was

Well, well, well.  I picture here for you some Wild Eastern Turkey eggs from Backyard Chickens:

Please note color and spots.

Tonight I couldn't find Sherman and Grant, who usually come running as soon as I get home from work.  I am a little down today, my sister is so very ill and basically, I can only pray her home at this point.  So I needed a little chicken therapy, and after talking to Keith for a while, went out to the pasture.
No Sherman or Grant, despite my calls.

Finally, after doing all the waterers... it's very hot and humid today... I went out in the tall grass of the south side of the pasture.

What I found under Grant and Sherman... errrr.... Clarabelle and Annabelle in the tall grass.

Uh huh.

The funny thing is, I found an egg like this last week, and I remember thinking "Who laid this egg with the red specks on it???".  Never even occurred to me!  They are not as big as the eggs laid by Helen, our Bronze breasted turkey hen five years ago.   So... live and learn!  I guess we have two Eastern Wild Turkey hens and a Bourbon red as formerly thought!

I left the eggs where they were, but the girls came in for the night.  If they run true to form, they'll accumulate a bunch and then set them.  We'll see... I haven't really seen any breeding activity and I doubt they would be fertile... but then, I'm gone nine hours a day, too!

And this, my friends, is what was under the tangle of hair on Bessie!  What a cute little girl!
If I could have gotten her to hold still for one minute, I would have shown you her cute little face!
I'll get Keith to hold her tomorrow so you can see how nicely the groomer turned her out today.
We had no idea there were so many spots under that unruly mess. She was sure glad to see me when I picked her up, and barked the entire ride home in her carrier... giving me what for for leaving her all afternoon!


  1. Those are some neat looking eggs! Surprises can be fun! :)

  2. I'm so glad for you that you indeed have turkey hens, and so glad for Bessie that you took her in!

  3. That would be awesome if the turkey's set an hatched the eggs!

    Sorry about your sister. What a worry and sadness.
    Praying for you all.

    Hope your hubby continues to heal.

    Have a happy Friday!

  4. When my hen started laying last fall I put the eggs on the blog to see what kind they were. I had a feeling but wasnt sure. We just put 18 Bourbon Red eggs in the incubator last week. I so want to have hens that lay and set. Good luck.

  5. I'm trying to catch up on reading, so I reading them backwards. Oh well. Beautiful eggs. Nice surprise.

  6. Or you could put them in the incubator?

  7. lol...we've had a few name changes here too.

    So sorry about your Sissy.


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